Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easy like Sunday

Today we are lazy!
There have been Mourning Doves sitting on our balcony, and we have been watching them, and there are moths on all the window screens.

 There was just a Mourning Dove there!

I still like my sparkly green ball the best. It was in the toy basket for the last while, and I just never took it out, and Mommy hadn't picked it out to throw for me. So when I rediscovered it when Mommy threw it for me, its love all over again!

 Not a good picture, I was too busy playing to pose! Mommy just missed one of me throwing it up in the air like Sam does!

I wake Mommy up 3-4 times in the morning when I bring it up on the bed and ask her to throw it for me. I still bring the Tail toy up too, but my sparkly green ball is easier to get up there!

 I am holding my sparkle ball down so it can't escape! Can you see the bunny poops behind me? The bunnies had just been out and they forget about their litter box when they have out time. What a mess!

Lexy is being SUPER lazy! She is practicing her impression of a rug. I think she is pretty good at it, but she isn't quite flat enough. What do you think?

Lexy: "Is this a good rug-like pose?"

She rolls around all over the hallway carpet

She sure is silly!

Samson is busy asking for belly rubs. Yesterday, Mommy was rubbing his belly and he kept FARTING! It was STINKY too, really bad! Mommy thinks it might be cause Emily was over on friday, when the big scary loud people were here, she let Sam eat a little bit of hotdog, and later on, he ate a tiny piece of brie that had fallen on the floor. Sam will eat almost anything, but he gets smelly runny poops later.

Sam: ``Ooooh yeah, rub ma belleh Momma!``

Eyes closed in ecstasy

Sam:`` Keep it comin` Momma! Ma fluffy belleh needs lots of rubs to let the farts out!``

The reason Emily and Shawn were here on Friday, was because there were strange people coming in the apartment while Mommy was at work, and they made all sorts of loud noises and bad strange smells! Mommy says they were just resurfacing the bath tub, whatever that means. Mommy didn`t like having people in the apartment while she wasn`t there, so Emily and Shawn came and watched a movie while the people were there.
The bath tub was all peely on the bottom, but now its all smooth, and it STINKS! Mommy won`t let us in either, so Lexy is very upset that she has to drink from a bowl, and not the tap.

Look at the big mess those people made!

I played a BIG trick on Emily and Shawn too! While the noisy people were here, making those nasty smells, I went and hid. Emily and Shawn had NO idea where I was, and were afraid I had somehow escaped. They looked in all the cupboards, and inside everything, and in every nook and cranny, and STILL they didn`t find me! They left for awhile, after the tub people were done and gone, and when Emily and Shawn came back, I was sitting calming waiting for them. I will never tell my hiding place! He he he.

It`s a good thing you can`t smell the picture! It`s gross!

Have a great lazy Sunday everyone! I hope its as nice as mine!


  1. Hello! We're newish around here and stopped in to introduce ourselves...
    You have quite the adventurous life! Good job on the hidey hole! May Ling has those too.
    We cracked up about Sam's "indigestion", we do that sometimes, usually right when we get picked up and squeezed! That'll teach the People.
    Come on over and visit sometime.
    xx lounge kats

  2. farts make your belleh feel good. sometimes i do that to mom in bed and she always blames daddy LOL

  3. We hate when strange people come in and make lots of noise in our house. We will run and hide and wait until they leave!!

  4. Hi Monty! I saw you left a comment over at Katnip Lounge so I wanted to drop in and visit. Come and say hi to me sometime - I'm all the way down in Australia.