Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Great Escape

One of the things both us kitties, and Mommy love about the apartment we live in, is the view. The building backs onto the river that runs through our city London, its called the Thames River. Mommy says that`s the same name as the big river in the London that is far away across a huge ocean!

Sam sitting at the balcony door listening to a woodpecker

We love to sit in the door way to the balcony when the screen door is open, and listen to all the birdies and buggies! It has been really warm and humid lately, so there have been lots of noisy frogs and bugs and birds around, especially at night!
Another good spot is on top of the cat tree, where we can see the trees, and if we look down, the river. We are on the 6th floor Mommy says, so right at tree level! We also sit on top of Mommy`s tall jewelery box that is on her desk, in front of the window. From there we can see down farther.

 What we can see from the top of the cat tree

Well last night, the bugs were being really noisy, and there were little moths on the screen door. Sam was batting at them, and his claw got caught in the screen, so he pulled. Imagine our surprise when the screen moved too! Sam mewed to me, and I ran over to see. I poked my paw through, and it opened even wider! The best part was that MOMMY DIDN`T SEE!

 The pretty river and forests our apartment overlooks

Sam was scared, so I poked my head through the opening, and pushed my way through until I was on the balcony! It was really dark, and there were lots of noises and bugs flying around! I hopped up on the chairs, and sniffed the leaves and stuff. By then Samson had followed me out, and we had lots of fun for a few minutes, looking all over.

This is what out balcony looks like. Its actually longer than you can see with a lounge chair and table

Lexy must have noticed we were missing, and saw the door open, and she was just going out when Mommy happened to notice her escaping. Mommy ran over and Lexy realized we were in big trouble, and ran inside. Sam came out from under the table, and when Mommy went towards him, he ran inside.
I was not so easily tempted in. I was hiding under the chairs, and since it was pitch dark, Mommy couldn`t see me. She started looking under the other chairs, but I knew she wouldn't let me stay out, so I came out of hiding, and let her herd me back in.

 The nice walking and biking paths behind our building. Aren`t we lucky?

Mommy says she was just terrified we would jump up on the ledge to see, and fall all the way down to the ground, but we were just sniffing, I swear! We didn`t even think of going on the ledge... but now I wish I had!
Sadly, Mommy will be watching us like a hawk whenever the screen door is open, but now we know that the screen doesn`t latch! We will just have to wait until she is busy again! He he he!

Do any of you kitties escape outside? Or are you allowed to go outside?


  1. Sammy will sit at the ledge of the door frame, but won't dare go out. Frank will go out about 6 feet, then get scared and cry for mom to pick him up and bring him in. lol.

    However, they do enjoy laying side by side for hours in front of a screen door on cool nights.

  2. Mewmies worry, that's furr sure! There are scary things out there and we are not wise to the out of doors or balconies or even comprehend what stories are!

    Mewmie latches our screen door and has Pet D Fence screen in all the screens in the windows...she worries alot!