Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a great weekend! It had lots of friends and playing, and nip and toys!

Yesterday Mommy had friends over, and we all got lots of attention and playtime!

First, Mommy made a new friend who lives in her building. He lives just a floor up, and his name is Shawn. Emily met him first, and then introduced him to Mommy. He has a kitty named Choo choo bear, and he used to have a doggy. His doggy has a new home now though. He came over for a little while and Mommy introduced him to all of us. He played with us and petted us. It's fun to meet new friends!

Then, Mommy's friend Anne came over. Mommy hasn't seen her a lot in the last year since she went away to some place called New Zealand! That is where Poppy Q lives!

Well, Anne worked at Christchurch botanical gardens, and then traveled all over New Zealand. Mommy is very jealous, especially since next September, Anne is going to Ecuador to work in the Rainforests! Anne took horticulture in college, and now she is getting to travel and see some amazing places!

 Anne will get to go to pretty places like this in Ecuador!

Anne gave us lots of belly rubs, and thought we were very handsome, and in Lexy's case, pretty. I had met her before, but no one else had!

Shawn came over again later and when Mommy and him were watching TV I got cuddle time and pets, and the bunnies got play time.  Bunnies were being Crazy! Mommy and Shawn were laughing at Lola, she was doing lots of binkies, and racing around.

 Sam is laughing at the bunnies too

After the bunnies were back in their pen, Sam and I were playing, and Mommy decided that we should have a catnip party! Mommy dumped out all the toys, and gave us lots of our special super strong catnip! It was lots of fun!

 There were more toys than this too, they were everywhere!

Today was mostly boring. Mommy had gone to Shawn's with Emily until early this morning, so she slept a lot. But that's okay, that means we got to snuggle with her all day! And of course, we have to wake Mommy up every once in awhile to give us pets and cuddles..
It was a good weekend, meeting new friends, playing, cat nip, and snuggles! What did you guys do this weekend? Was it quiet and relaxing, or wild and crazy?

Snuggles, toys, nip, and friends, is there any better way to spend a weekend?


  1. Adorable! Thanks or sharing. By the way, I would like to invite you to Iceland and experience the breathtaking sceneries and activities like kayaking, hiking and midnight golf playing. I have the best Iceland hotels ready for you! Enjoy!

  2. Wow, you all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was quiet, but we got out into our enclosed back space a lot, so that was good!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! It's always nice getting attention and nip!

  4. Playtimes are great at your house!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. What a nice weekend with lots of visitors. Sounds like your friend Anne has a great life full of adventures. We hope she had a nice time in NZ - Christchurch is a nice city.

    Poppy Q