Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Treats on Tuesday!

Mommy got us some special treat foods!

It's a pouch full of yummy Wellness wet food! She got us three kinds, and we already ate two tonight!

One is Salmon & Chicken, and one is Tuna (We had already eaten the Salmon and Tuna)

Mommy had to guard us while we ate, because Samson is a PIGGY and kept stealing out portions! Mommy let Lexy eat first, then I got my turn, and Sam had to wait the longest! He was BAD though and kept stealing a taste no matter now many times Mommy moved him away and told him "NO!".

My turn! Look at Samson eyeing the bowl.

It was soooooo yummy! I wanted more, but I was a good boy and waited for my turn and let the other kitties have theirs. Mommy told me that Emily got some for her kitties as well, so Cammy and Molson and Shinobi will get yummy treats too!

Look at Sam pigging out!

What at nice late night snack! We are lucky kitties! Have any of you other kitties tried these pouches? WHat were your favorite flavours? We like Tuna and Chicken and Salmon flavours the best!

Lexy has just finished her portions and was licking her paws right before this picture.

As a bonus, Mommy forgot she had a picture of Lexy in her cage at the Adopt-a-thon. You can tell she is scared and NOT very happy! The cage was actually much bigger than the picture shows.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That Sam certainly does need to be watched. Those treats sound just yummy and you are lucky to get them. We are also glad Lexy got out of her cage. We had to live in a cage for a long time before our mom found us.

  2. You're very lucky to get those treats! We've been offered a few flavours but didn't like any of them. The only one Derry ate a bit of made him throw up a very short time later. Our human hasn't bought any since. We're glad you like yours and that they don't make your tummy sick!

  3. mmm I can understand stealing noms. When mom is putting mine on my plate I always weave around her arms and start eating immediately!

  4. No one barfed, but Sam's poops today were...very pungent! We had to open all the doors and windows even after Mommy cleaned it up right away! Sam has a sensitive tumtum though, probably because he eats a lot of things he shouldn't. His name should be Pigson, not Samson!

  5. We tried Wellness pouches too but some of the Furrydance cats tossed their cookies right after eating, as they do with most of the pouchy foods for some reason.