Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Laptop Cord!

Mommy has internet again! Her Dad went to a computer guy he knows and got her a new power cord for much much cheaper!

I am very happy since I can visit all my friends bloggies again! Including a very new bloggy that my good friend Cammy started! Make sure to visit it and say hello!

Remember Cammy? She is the cute half Maine Coon that stayed with us for awhile last month when her Mum Emily went to Vancouver. She came over the other night to play, but she was in a crummy mood and hissed and growled at us at first.

She was smart though, and wanted to sleep over, so when her Mum was about to go home, she jumped up high to the top of the fridge and cupboards so no one could get her down. And even when her Mum finally DID get her down, she whined and cried, so her Mum and my Mommy said if she wanted to sleepover that bad, she could! Yay!

All night we played THoE, and Cammy really likes to chase us around. She can get a little whappy though, and she doesn't have soft paws on, so it can hurt! It was still fun though. After that we all went and snuggled on Mommy's bed, and woke Mommy up so she would pet us all. I wish Mommy had 2 extra hands for petting. Then I wouldn't have to wait my turn for pets and scritches.

 I bet this lady can pet a lot of cats at once!

The next day, Cammy was being silly when Mommy gave us all some of the good catnip. She was rolling in it and growling at us whenever we wanted to get some of it! Luckily Mommy always spreads it around so we all get some.

 Yum! Mommy promised to grow me some this summer!

Catnip makes me feel funny, and my eyes go all big and I like to wrestle and be silly with Sam, and it makes me like to go singing! My favorite place to sing is in the bathtub, it echoes a lot in there! Plus its fun to jump out at people from behind the shower curtain! It sure scares Mommy when I do it in the middle of the night when she has to pee! She screams real loud!

Anyways after Mommy left for work, we had lots of naps and playtime with our toys, but Cammy started getting grumpier. She didn`t like our food, and she was hungry. Mommy had to work late that night, so when she got home, Cammy was REALLY hungry and REALLY grumpy! Cammy`s Mum came over to get her though, and she was being real grumpy to her Mum, and saying BAD words! I would never say those things to my Mum! I want to know where she learned some of those words, cause I never heard some of them before! Mommy says that when Cammy got home she ate a whole lot of food, and then she was happy again. We will just always remember that if Cammy wants to sleepover, she needs some of her own food!

I hope you all have a happy weekend, and don`t forget to check out Cammy`s Bloggy!


  1. Hurray for the new laptop cord!

    What an adventure you had with Cammy! (Yes, we'll check out her blog.) We loved the catnip episode and we think it's hilarious that you like to jump out of the tub at night and scare your mum. Hahahahahaha! We'll have to try that. ;-)

  2. It's very fun to do, Mom's make funny faces when you scare them! I did it to Emily once too when she was over!

  3. Glad your back. Sounds like you had a fun and adventurous sleepover with Cammy.