Friday, April 16, 2010

New Videos

Mommy's new camera has a video function. She took some videos of us. They are very short though, since Mommy doesn't have a memory card for it yet so there isn't much room in there. Also the camera was making funny noises during the video.

That is us all having sink time! We like to hang out in the bathroom. Lexy is begging Mommy to turn on the tap. The bathroom is fun. We can play in the drips, and wrestle in the tub, and play hide and seek in the curtains, and I like to "dig" on the mirror and in the sink.

We all get drips on our heads, and at night Mommy will pet us and say "Oh Yuck! You guys are all wet!"
It's fun to make her say that!

The next video is of the fun mess the bunnies made! They have been working very hard at ripping the pages out of the second phone book they got. This time instead of making a big nest in the crate, they decided to cover the whole floor of their pen with pages! They did a pretty good job of it I think!

Now, this last video is introducing the 4 final members of my family. I don't mention them much on here, but they sure are fun to watch! These four rats are all sisters. They are super friendly, and don't bite at all, even if I stick my paws at them, or get real close to them when they have their playtime on Mommy's bed.

The white rat is named Luna, and her name means Moon. The brown rat is Dhara (say it like dara) and her name means Earth. There is one that is pale orange, but you can't see that very much on the video, and her name is Sola, which means Sun, and the last ratty looks almost the same as Sola, but she is beige, and her name is Asta, which means Star. They are a little over a year old, and Mommy got them from her friend Lindy who has a rat rescue in London, where I live.

I watch them like they are my own Tv. This morning I was stretching against their cage, but my soft paws are almost ready to come off, and they got stuck on the mesh that is on the cage and I had to cry to Mommy and wake her up so she could come save me. There is mesh on the front of teh cage because Dhara and Asta are sneaky and skinny and found out they can escape from the cage if they squeeze between the bars at the edges. The mesh keeps them in... unless they decide to escape from the bars at the back that aren't meshed haha. I like when they escape, even though they just hang out under their cage and sneak treats, or go over to Mommy's bed and climb up to get attention. The don't do it very much at all anymore though, they mostly escaped when they were really little.

Well, I hope you liked our videos, and meeting the rats! I am sure I will have lots more pictures and videos to come now that Mommy has a camera!

Have a good weekend efurryone!


  1. Great videos. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  2. Fun to watch all the action at your place. That sound your mewmies camera was making sounds like a bug, hahameow!

  3. Wow. Mom says you have a real "menagerie" at your house but she won't tell me what that means in case I want one too!