Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lexy is Leaving

Mommy has been sick lately, so she hasn't let me blog. I have read all my friend's blogs, but I haven't written any for mine.

Mommy has something wrong in her inner ear. She says it makes her feel really dizzy and sick. So staring at the computer for more than 10 minutes makes her feel really yucky.

Here are some things that have been going on lately:
  • Lola the silly bunny stole red licorice out of Mommy's purse! She ran around with it and wouldn't let Mommy get it from her. She ate almost a 3rd of it before Mommy could get it! It sure was funny to watch!
  • One of Mommy's ratties got a big abscess on her back. It was really gross, but now its all healed.
  • Mommy had lots of time off work, but she ended up being so dizzy during it that we didn't get to do many fun things with her. We got lots of cuddle time though!
  • The weather has been FANTASTIC! We just LOVE having the windows and screen door open so we can smell the spring air!

Now the sad news. These are Lexy's very last days here. On Saturday, April 3rd, Lexy is going to the big adopt-a-thon. Last year, all but one cat that they brought was adopted, so this is Lexy's big chance!
Mommy is going to give her a b-a-t-h tomorrow, so make her look her best, and clip her nails and brush all the loose fur out of her. Mommy is very sad to see Lexy go, since she has been here for almost a year. Lexy has been getting lots of special cuddles and lovin's and of course, getting brushed! I don't mind being brushed, but Lexy LOVES it! Mommy will miss hearing Lexy squeak, and getting poked for attention, and having Lexy beg Mommy to turn on the sink tap for her.

Lexy waves goodbye

On Saturday, send lots of purrayers and think good thoughts about Lexy getting the best home she can! Of course, if she doesn't get a home, she will come back here, but she has been waiting for a furrever home for a LONG time, and we are all hoping that Saturday is going to be her day! Paws crossed it will be!

Sam and I and of course Mommy will miss you very very very much Lexy! Good luck in finding your perfect furrever home!


  1. We're sorry that you're sad to see Lexy possibly leaving for a new home. She's so pretty, surely someone will find her irresistible. We will be thinking about her and purraying Saturday.

  2. We're crossing our paws that Lexy finds a wonderful forever home, even though her leaving is bittersweet. And we hope your mom feels better very soon! Sending lots of purrs and universal healing Light.

  3. Oh wow what a lot that is going on! We hope your mom feels better - our mom gets ear things a lot and they can make her a bit dizzy - we know it is horrible for her.

    And we hope hope hope that Lexy finds a perfect forever home! We know you will miss her lots but a forever home is a wonderful thing to have! She is such a cutie, we just know she will find them!

  4. We hope this is her lucky year to find her furever family. Keep us posted. Happy Easter to you all.

  5. We are sending purrs in your general direction for Lexy and for your Mom.

    Thanks again for the Sunshine Award. We just put our post up today.

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  6. It is hard to say goodbye...I have to do it with kittens...but what makes me feel better is knowing that I am not the only good pet owner out there.

    I hope she finds the purrfect home to stay in...furrever!