Monday, April 5, 2010

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Sorry Mommy didn't update you all sooner!

Someone (*cough* SAM *cough*) chewed up the power cord to Mommy's laptop, and it sizzled and smelled bad and now Mommy's laptop ate up all its power.

He may LOOK innocent, but he sure isn't!

So we had to tell Mommy EXACTLY what to write, and she will update the bloggy for me when she goes to her parents house today. Mommy says a new laptop cord is expensive, and since she didn't work much this month, she either has to wait a few weeks to get it, or borrow monies from her parents. I hope she borrows, cause I haven't been able to read my friends blogs in DAYS! And I can't wait a few more weeks!

Anyways, I really hope all you kitties and doggies and people and other critters out there had a good Easter! I checked under Benny and Lola's butts, but they didn't lay me any treats or eggs, just more poop pellets, and no one wants those! We all got treats though, and cuddles.

And by everyone....I mean Lexy too.

Her tail looks very pretty curled up like that!

Lexy went to the Adopt-a-thon on Saturday, at 9:30am, and stayed there all day. When Mommy came home from taking Lexy (They had enough volunteers) we were very confused. We looked all over but couldn't find her, and we were SURE she had left with Mommy earlier, but she didn't come back!
We wasted the day cuddling Mommy, cause we could tell she was sad, and we waited by the phone for the call that would tell us Lexy got a home. But it didn't come.

All the rescues that were at the Adopt-a-thon had very few adoptions that day. Mommy says it was just bad luck, it was the Easter weekend and lots of people went away, and it was REALLY nice outside so everyone was outside doing things. So only two kitties from Animal Love Foundation (Where we all come from) got adopted that day. And Lexy wasn't one of them.

So at four o'clock, Mommy got a ride and picked up Lexy and brought her home. Lexy was very scared, and was squeaking to tell Mommy how happy she was to see Mommy and not be in the scary huge room full of people again.

We liked to perch here on top of Mommy's jewlery box

The cages the cats were in were mesh, so the cats could see each other, and when Lexy tried to go pee, the other cats growled and hissed at her. There were lots of wonderful kitties, like two older Maine Coon siblings, and two young bengal-looking mixes, and another cat named Samson! He didn't look like our Samson though, he was fluffy and white, with light gray spots and a pure gray fluffy tail. Lexy says he was very handsome but she couldn't see him very much.

One nice lady was interested in Lexy, but she never came back. That's okay though, because Mommy says Lexy is welcome here until she finds a home, no matter how long it takes!

Lexy had to take a little bath after she got home, in case any of those other kitties had a flea or mites, and Lexy REALLY didn't like that, but she is still happy to be back home with Mommy, even if it isn't forever.

In other news, Mommy's sister is home for a few days, so Mommy finally got her camera! Yay! Only problem... it has no memory card, so she could only take 3 pictures at a time, and of course now she can't upload onto her laptop because of naughty Samson.

It's all his fault!

We all had a mini photoshoot before the Adopt-a-thon with a camera Mommy borrowed. Do you like our new pictures? Here is one of me!

Can you see my lasers are on?


  1. We're sorry to hear about the laptop cord and about Lexy not getting adopted. We will think really good thoughts for her!!!

  2. Sending good vibes for Lexy, that she finds her forever home soon. And good luck with the laptop cord!

  3. We are sorry about the laptop cord. And it is too bad Lexy didn't find her perfect forever home, but it will come. We wish she hadn't been so scared to be at the adoption event though!!