Monday, April 12, 2010

BIG cats!

Last night, Mommy and I were reading stuff on the Animal Planet website, and we found a link from a neat place called Big Cat Rescue!

We stayed up really late looking at all the cats there, and watching the videos. And when they say Big Cat Rescue, they mean BIG cats! Lions and Tigers and Bobcats, Oh My!

He would probably eat me! Yikes!

All the cats they have are rescued, and almost all the bobcats were rescued from really BAD places called fur farms. How could anyone put those gorgeous big kitties in tiny cages, and hurt them and then wear their furs!?!

Mommy said that there are lots of horrible places like that, and its not just big cats, they do it to all different kinds of animals. It just makes me sick to think of someone wearing an animals furs! Though, I guess my Mommy wears a lot of animal furs, all over her clothes! But that's cause we shed all over her, and not cause she buys cruel real fur.

 If you want to wear fur, just let an animal shed all over you!

My Mommy would never do that, and I hope your Mommies know about how BAD the fur and leather trade is! I even heard that when humans buy fur that says it is raccoon or rabbit fur, sometimes it is really DOG or CAT fur! Especially if it is made somewhere in Asia, mostly from China.

 People say Samson looks like a fluffy bobcat!

Anyways, we were watching some of the great videos on the Big Cat Rescue website, and there were a bunch of videos about a baby Bobcat named Hope, who was orphaned. She ended up getting raised by a kitty who is like me, and that kitty momma looked just like Lexy! A little skinnier...okay, a LOT skinnier. Baby hope grew up with that kitty momma, and the momma's two kittens, and eventually got released! How great is that!? It's nice to know that catkind is helping out our wild cousins!

You should all go and find out about our wild cousins, and if you have a little money saved up for new mousies, maybe think of donating it to Big Cat Rescue. They do wonderful things for the big kitties, I know if us little kitties were allowed to go on a tour there, and Mommy would take me to Florida, I would love to go see them for myself! Anyone near Florida want me to come visit and go for a roadtrip?


  1. We live far away from Florida, in Ontario, Canada, so no road trip for us.

    Our human has read about the fur-for-fashion problem, and the dog fur that is marketed as other types of fur.

    Animal rights crosses from fashion into food, of course, because how most of birds and animals for human consumption are raised and slaughtered is appalling beyond belief. So there are many, many issues around the ethical treatment of non-human Beings.

    We're just glad we're house cats, adopted into a pretty darn good home!

  2. We are too! Our Mommy is very active in animal rights, and is almost completely vegan. Sadly that means no treats like some of you other kitties get, like ham or chick-hen. But if it means the betterment of life for all other animals, I guess I can live without those treats! We are in London Ontario, very far from Florida! But we are close to you Kea!

  3. Unless you are born with it on your back, wearing fur has never made sense to me...such is human vanity.

  4. Thanks for finding and sharing Big Cat Rescue!

  5. We had heard about the Big Cat Rescue before - we think it is great that they help the big kitties. We don't understand why anyone would want to wear fur if they weren't born with it.

  6. I looked into it too, and it looked great until I found this site:

    I know not everything you read on the web is true but go back and look at the Big Cat Rescue Night Time Tours and I think this person who complained was right...

  7. Here is a Big Cat place that a couple in South Carolina, who have 2 Furrydance cats, have visited and they recommend it.