Friday, April 23, 2010

Guess who came to visit?

This is Sofi and her service dog Leila! Leila wouldn't turn around, she was busy looking at the bunnies!

Mommy has a friend who lives in one of the buildings in our complex. Her name is Sofi, and she came over to visit on wednesday. But she didn't come alone! Sofi brought her service dog, Leila with her!

 Isn't she pretty? What a nice smile she has!

Purrsonally, I like woofies. I have met a few, like when Mommy had her boobie-ectotmy and we stayed with Mommy's parents, they had a doggy and we were friends. I have met Leila before, and we got along great, and Lexy has met her too, though Lexy mostly hid. Sam had never met Leila though, so we weren't sure what he would think.

 Pretty Leila! She LOVES pink! She has pink bowls, pink leash, pink collar, and pink bed!

Leila is a black standard poodle, though Mommy says she is quite small for a standard poodle. Leila LOVES all other people and animals, and as soon as Sofi and her came in, I rolled on my back and Leila gave me kisses. Leila is fun to play with, even though she can get a little too silly for me. Leila lives with 6 guinea pigs, 2 rats, and a kitty named Bella. There are also 2 other woofies staying in their apartment with their owners, and of course Sofi, and her partner Sam.

 Leila wants some cookie bits! We are hanging out hoping for treats!

Lexy hid on top of the kitchen cupboards for most of the time, but she came down later. Even Leila knew right away that Lexy was the boss, and not to bug her. Leila was cautious and walked very slowly around Lexy, while Lexy glared at her.

 Lexy is peeking from behind Sofi's power chair. She has her lasers pointed at Leila!

 Lasers on high! Leila is sloooooowly going past Lexy. It was a slow motion stand off!

Sam was asleep on Mommy's bed, and when he finally did come out, he was very unsure of the woofy in his livingroom. He was scared and hid on top of the cat tree.

 Samson is watching Leila from his safe spot

Mommy and Sofi ended up seeing a show on tv all about matching service dogs with their owners, and they talked about how Sofi knew right away that Leila was the dog for her.

 Leila wants to sit where Lexy is, but was afraid to try and get Lexy to move MOL

Leila mostly looked all around the apartment, and sat near the couch. But Leila was REALLY interested in the bunnies! She has never met bunnies before, and she wanted to go in their pen and see them. The bunnies didn't think that was a good idea though, and Lola was VERY stompy.

 Leila and I are playing!

 Sorry its blurry, we were moving a lot!

Mommy is sad that she missed taking a picture of Leila and I sharing kisses. Luckily she got lots of other pictures!

Do any of you kitties like woofies? Do you live with any?


  1. I have a very curious cat, Frank. In his free time, he enjoys sniffing foreign behinds. Our friend's terrier did not appreciate that, barked at him, and he flew up the stairs faster than I've ever seen.

  2. Gosh, I never even MET a woofie. I dunno WHAT I would do if one actually came inside my house! Even though I'm a big strong mancat, I think I'd get all fainty and hide under the bed like a little girl.

    You guys are BRAVE!

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