Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bunnies are Weird

Do any of you other bloggy kitties have bunnies that live with you?
The girl bunny here, Lola, is very very weird. I just don't understand her sometimes.

Tonight, she wouldn't stop stomping! Every 5 seconds she would go STOMP! And when bunnies stomp, its loud! Mommy says that Lola is a very noisy bunny, and that she usually gets stompy when she is grumpy, or frustrated, or when she wants something. Mommy gave Lola treats, and her evening veggies, but even while Lola was eating, she was still stomping! It sure is funny to watch a bunny try to chew and stomp at the same time!

Mommy thinks Lola wanted to come out to play again, but it is too late for bunny playtime. And its not like Lola didn't have lots to do in their pen! The other day Emily brought over a new phone book for them to rip up, and both Benny and Lola have gone nuts tearing it up and making a new nest with the pages.

Mom says Lola might just be extra bored right now because it is Spring time, and she is in a nesting mood, and wants to have babies even though she can't anymore. I don't know though, cause Lola is like that almost all the time! She loves to bang things, and stomp, and grunt, and beat up her litter box, and dig, and make messes and noise. I think she is just making double the noise because Benny is such a quiet bunny, so she is making up for him being neat and quiet.

What do you think? Is she just a silly messy, noisy girl? Or is it Spring fever?


  1. Lola is such a cutie! We've never had a bunny, but we did have a ferret who lived with us. He was fun and played just like a kitty.

  2. We don't live with bunnies. In fact, we don't think we've ever seen a bunny! But maybe it's a little of both--spring fever and her innate personality.

  3. But Lola only likes to get Lovin' from Benny. She barely lets Mommy touch her! Benny lets Mommy pick him up, and cuddle him, and tickle him and everything, but Lola only likes Benny, and sometimes me, and chasing any kitties who aren't hiding up high from her!

  4. We aren't sure but it sounds like it is a combo of both silly and spring fever. We don't have bunnies but we do know a few of the other kitties do - but none have mentioned the stopming before. We haven't heard it but we can imagine it must be weird to hear! We hope she calms down soon!