Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today there are GHOSTS!
I can`t see them, but I sure can hear them! They are howling, and shaking the windows and doors, and moving the trees, and making strange noises!

Mommy says its just the wind, and that because we are six floors up, and there are no buildings or tall things to block the wind on our side of the building, the wind is noisier.

 We are hiding from the ghosts!

I know she just says that to make us feel better though. Its obviously ghosts! They are even moving the balcony chairs and things around!

They can`t seem to get in here, but just in case, we are staying close to Mommy! She will protect us!

Mommy keeps me safe!


  1. Aw, you're so sweet. Yes, your mom will protect you! We have "ghosts" here today too, but none of us is phased by it. Sometimes bad storms scare our human, though!

  2. We came here to visit from Noll's Nip and we surely love your bloggie and your fancy claws!

  3. We think it kind of sounds like what we have heard about ghosts, so we think you must be right. We don't have ghosts here that we have ever heard, but we have read stories about them - they sound just like your ghosts!

  4. We get those ghosts around here sometimes, too. I am really late picking it up, but thank you very much for the Sunshine Award. My lazy Mom will finally blog about it today.