Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Won a Camera!

So Mommy got the video function on her webcam to work! Tonight she took some cute ones of us! Sadly, they will not upload since they seem to be too long. Now that she knows she can take them though, she can make sure to keep them shorter!

Soon Mommy says she will have her own digital camera, because she won one in an auction last night!
Mommy's sister, the one we met before who cut Mommy's hair, just finished a BIG fundraiser to help people who are blind in Tibet! They were fund raising for Love In Action.

They had lots of events, like a blind walk, a vegan bake sale, an online auction, and club nights! The team that Mommy's sister is in is called the Lima Beans, and today was the end of all their events, and they made 137% of their goal! Mommy says that is very good, and that they made $2058.50! That could buy a LOT of blinds for the people in Tibet! It must be really bright there if they need blinds so badly!

 This is how Sam lays on the couch when he wants belly rubs

Mommy's father is a woodturner, and makes really pretty wooden bowls and other things, and he donated one to the auction, and Mommy's uncle donated one of his gorgeous paintings! Mommy was VERY happy to win the camera she bid on, and she also won a tattoo, and a piercing! Mommy says she will get a RING put in her NOSE! How crazy is THAT!? She is also getting a tattoo that she designed, that represents the four elements, among other things.

The Camera Mommy Won! Its a Kodak EasyShare M340 Digital Camera
It has 10mp / 3x optical zoom / 2.7" LCD
Mommy will have to go to Toronto to get it, but she is excited! I think she should get a HUGE tattoo of ME! Wouldn't that be the best? She could even get it on her face so that everyone would see how handsome I am wherever she goes! Do any of your humans have tattoos or piercings?

There are two more posts coming VERY soon, so stay tuned! One is about what happened to Baby and her human, and the other is a tribute to MY girlfriend, Cammy! Sam thinks she is HIS girlfriend, but he is wrong!

See you later! Don't forget to knock things off all  your Mommy and Daddy's tables, it keeps them on their toes, and they need that excitement in their life!


  1. Congratulations to your mom on winning the camera, and kudos to all for their fundraising efforts. Well done!

    Our human has 3 tattoos but no piercings, except her ears. :-)

    You'll have to post a pic of your mom's tattoo, once she gets it! Tell her to be careful where she puts it--not somewhere that eventually will sag and get dimply. MOL!

  2. What pawsome news!! Concats to your mom on the fundraising and winning that great camera!! Can't wait to see some pics!