Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Mew Years!

Happy Mew Years Kittens and Cats! (And bunnies and woofies, and ratties and EVERYONE!)

We got to help Mommy and her Mom move things yesterday and clean! Mommy took over the bigger bedroom, so we helped her move her things by getting in the way and tripping her, and getting into things!

Today a man came to clean the carpets, and he was nice and petted us. His machines were noisey, and we stayed in Mommy's new room. It almost sounded like the machines were purring! So I purred right back at them and rubbed on Mommy and got belly rubs.

My Mew Years Resolution is that I will be nicer to Benny the bunny, and not bug Lexy so much until she goes to her new home.

2009 was a good year for me! I got a wonderful home, made lots of friends, got tons of cuddles, got a new brother, and of course, started my own blog!

So celebrate with some glasses of chamnipagne, and crunchy treat caviar, and count down to 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello kittens and cats!

There has been some drama here! But because of that, all us kitties are stuck in Mommy's room. We were there ALL DAY yesterday, and ALL DAY today! ( Note: the pictures are all on Mommy's computer, so she will put in some pictures of her parents silly dog named Kiana. She is my friend too!)

So, since a few days before Chrissymouse, Mommy has been very upset. E, Mommy's roommate, left to go to her parents for Chrissymouse, but didn't tell Mommy that she owed a whole bunch of monies to the people in charge of the apartments where we live. She also wouldn't tell Mommy what was going on, or call Mommy, or come back to pay the monies she owed when they were due on Chrissymouse Eve.

This was super bad, cause Mommy is not on the lease, and was supposed to take over the lease when E left, but Mommy couldn't sign until E gave them the monies. Mommy was worried she would be kicked out, and that her new roommate would be without a place to live too.We all gave Mommy lots of cuddles though, and licks and purrs, but Mommy was still stressed out.

Kiana likes to sleep and sit on TOP of her crate!

Then, yesterday morning, I heard a lot of banging on the door, and yelling! I guess E was mad at Mommy for telling her to come pay the monies, and she brought her Daddy and her brudder, and yelled at Mommy to open teh door, cause the security latch was on from the night.

Once they came in, they were yelling at Mommy, telling her it was her fault for not getting on the lease sooner. Mommy says thats true, she could have done it sooner, but there was no need to yell, and call her names, and slam doors on her, and be rude. Mommy got really mad,a nd yelled back, and cried, and her parents came over to try and help. That's when Mommy took all us kitties and put us in her room, cause E and her family were grabbing all her stuff and moving right then and there. I DO tend to get in the way, and I always want to look in the hallway, so Mommy wanted to make sure we didn't get stepped on, or lost.

E's family was even rude to Mommy's parents, and so Mommy went out, and took all her stuff away from E's, and then put a small litter box, and food and water in her room for us, and hugged us all, and then went to her parents house while the moving happened. Mommy's Mom stayed behind to make sure E's family didn't do anything.

Kiana the dog with her snow face

We were all very confused, and heard lots of banging and talking and things being moved around. We looked under the door and saw lots of shadows and people's voices. Someone came up and talked to E's family, and then Mommy's Dad came and talked to them too. There wasn't anymore yelling, but it wasn't happy talking either.

After everyone left, Mommy came home, and let us out. You wouldn't beleive what had happened! Everything got moved around or was gone! Mommy had put all her stuff in one corner of the living room, and E put all the stuff they couldn't fit into her room. All night we got to explore, and play in the empty space. I didn't play for too long though, Mommy was sad, and needed my cuddles and licks. She stayed up until 5am! She said she couldn't sleep so she read books and petted me and talked to me and Lexy and Sam.

Then today Mommy got up early and went out for awhile, and came back and told us that we didn't have to move out, and we could stay through January, and that starting February 1st, it would be OUR apartment!
Mommy cuddled us lots until after lunch time when E's Dad came back for the rest of her stuff, and Mommy had to shut us in her room again.

Kiana smelling the flowers

We are so bored! Mommy's room has too much stuff in it right now, from moving everything around, and there isn't much room to run or play. I was bad and jumped up on the ratty cage, and knocked things over, and chased the ratty named Cinder when she came out.

So that is why we are all bored! Mommy says that I might not get to post much for awhile, since the internet will be turned off, and she will have to do some things, and move stuff, and clean and call people before we get it back.

Old picture of Mommy cuddling Kiana

Another time, I will write more about the doggy Kiana! I hope you kitties out there are not bored like we are, but we will get let out very soon. Time to explore some more!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Meeting Santa Paws!

Last week, Mommy took us on a special outing. I didn't write about it until now, because Mommy wasn't able to scan the pictures until today.

This is Samson and I when we got to meet Santa Paws!

Mommy put on our collars and leashes, and put Samson in the carrier and carried me. I was being naughty though and exploring things I was not supposed to while Mommy was waiting for her Mom to pick us up though, and so I had to go in the carrier too. It was a little too small, so I was squashed with Samson.

We went on a short car ride, and then went into a store called Petsmart.

Now, I got pretty scared when we went in there. See, before Mommy fostered me, and then adopted me, I was in that very same Petsmart adoption Centre. So when I went in the store, and could smell the same smells, and hear all the people, I got scared that Mommy was mad at me, and was going to give me back!

I know, I know, silly right? I know how much Mommy loves me, and that she would never let me go, but still, I was scared!

We had to wait a little while, cause some cute little Corgy doggy sisters were taking their pictures. 

Then, it was our turn! Mommy and all the nice ladies there tried to get us both in one picture but well.... I was NOT going to sit still! I was too nervous to meet Santa, and scared of the store! Samson was being a very good boy though, and just sat nicely on Santa's lap. Finally, they decided to do our pictures separately, so I got a little break to cuddle Mommy while Samson got his picture taken.

After Mommy's cuddles, I felt a bit better, so I mostly sat still with Santa, and we got a really nice picture .

Now, I don't know if this is crazy, but I don't think that was the real Santa Paws! I think it was really a GIRL dressed up like him! If it was Santa, he sure lost a lot of weight!

Well, after all that excitement, I was happy to just sit in the carrier and cuddle Samson while Mommy waited for the pictures, and bought another cat carrier, so that we wouldn't get squashed next time. Then we got back in the car, and I got to wander around and investigate under the seats until we got home!

I may have been a little bit of a scaredy cat, but it was still an adventure! And I got lots of pets and treats when I got home! And of course, we got the help out the Animal Love Foundation, which is where I come from! A little over half the money from all the pictures goes to help them!

I hope all you kitties and doggies and other animals had a wonderful Chrissymouse!

Merry Chrissymouse from Monty Graycat!

Merry Chrissymouse everyone!
I hope everykitty had a visit from Santa Paws!
We got to open our stockings on the 21st, which is Yule, because Mommy is Pagan and celebrates Yule. I got all sorts of toys! Lots of soft mousies, and crinkly toys, and crunchy treats! Sadly, Mommy didn't have anything to take pictures with at the time, so we don't have any pictures.

The Bunnies got jingle balls, and crinkly toys. Lola likes to pick up a jingle ball in her mouth, and hop around so that it jingles with each hop. Benny likes to push the crinkle balls with his nose.

The rats got little rawhide bones for each of them, and yogurt treats, and little wreaths Mommy made out of cheerios and raisins and other dried fruit.

Then today, it was finally Chrissymouse!
Mommy and I had our Chrissymouse snuggle together before she got up. It is our very first Chrissymouse together! She gave us all crunchy treats, and played with me for awhile before she got ready to go to her parents. She said that Santa Paws had left our presents over there, so I had to wait patiently ALL day until she came home with them!

Santa Paws was very nice! We got a special Laser Light toy, because the one we play with now belongs to E, Mommy's roommate, and she is leaving soon. I LOVE the laser toy, and this one is even shaped like a blue mousey! We also got some really nice mousey toys, and they smell really good!
Mommy's Great Aunt also gave us a big glass jar of our favorite catnip too! Mommy's Great Aunt Ev grows a whole lot of it in her backyard, and hand picks it all to make catnip toys for the Humane Society! And boy, is it ever potent! Mommy says that whenever she opens it, it hits her like a wave in the face of catnip smell! We all just go crazy for it, even the bunnies!

I hope you all had as wonderful a Chrissymouse as I did! Hug your Mommies and Daddies and all your other family tonight!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello Samson!

And now, the post you have been waiting for...introducing Samson!

Samson is my new brother, at least he will be soon when Mommy talks to Animal Love and finalizes his adoption to her. I am happy, I have my new best buddy to play with furrever!

Samson came to us about 8 weeks ago. Late at night, Mommy's roommate heard meowing in the hallway of the apartment building. She waited for quite awhile, thinking the kitty had just accidentally gotten out of his own apartment, and that his owner would let him in. But he just kept meowing and meowing, and it was after 1am. E figured that maybe his owner was asleep and didn't hear him, so she let him in, and put him in her room with food and water and a litter box, hoping that he would be claimed the next morning.

The next morning, Samson was still here, and insisted on coming out of the room. E put a sign by the elevators, thinking that he would get found soon. But her and Mommy had the sad idea of what had really happened. See, before Mommy moved in, E had already found another poor kitty that had been abandoned in the hallway when its owners moved out and didn't want her anymore. She had put up posters, gone door to door, and done all she could, but no one knew her or who her owners were. Luckily, E's parents love kitties too, and she lives there now, and is named Spooky.

So E and Mommy knew that there was a good chance that was why Samson was in the hallway. And soon we knew why he had been left behind when his owners moved.

Samson wasn't nootered.  And he was spraying EVERYWHERE. It hurt my poor nosey the smell was so strong! After only 3 days of him being here, you could smell his spray from the hallway outside the apartment!

Meanwhile, E had gone to stay with her parents for a few days, so Mommy had been putting up more posters, and knocking on doors and asking everyone she saw. She talked to the building snooperviser, but again, just like with Spooky, no one knew who had left him behind.

So far, Mommy hadn't named Samson, and had just been calling him Handsome. Mommy's friend Meg said that since he was such a wussy, he needed a badarse name, like Samuel L Jackson. So, Mommy combined the names, and that how he got the name Samson L Catson!

He was pretty timid when he first came, and didn't really know how to play, and believe me, I tried to get him to play with me! He also seemed to have some problems jumping, and he still does. He can jump fine, but he always takes a few test hops first before he really jumps. He is more used to the apartment though, so doesn't do it as much.

Well, Samson was spraying everywhere, and it was clear he had been abandoned, so Mommy called Animal Love, and they agreed to accept him as a foster cat, and got him a V-E-T appointment right away to get hin nootered! And boy did he need it!

After he was "fixed" the spraying stopped, and Samson seemed much happier. And I know Mommy and E, and Lexy and I were happy too, since our noses didn't hurt from the nasty smell anymore! 

Unfortunately, soon after he was nootered, Samson got sick. His nose was all stuffy, and he sneezed all the time! Sometimes he couldn't even breathe through his nose it was so stuffed up, and had to breathe through his mouth. Mommy gave him steam treatments, but they weren't really helping, and Samson hated them. Mommy got worried that Lexy and I would get sick too, so Samson got moved to E's room for a few days, and Mommy called Animal Love who got him another appointment at the V-E-T. Sure enough, the V-E-T said he had a really bad cold, and Samson had to take lots of medicine for 2 whole weeks! He had eye drops, and pills, and yucky supplements.

Well, that was quite awhile ago, back in November. But poor Samson has had trouble shaking his cold. He still sneezes sometimes, and for awhile he seemed to be getting worse again, but luckily he seems a bit better now.
Even though he is still a bit sneezey,  he has sure come a long way from the timid scared and abandoned kitty he was when he first came here.

Now, Samson loves to play with me, and we wrestle and chase all the time! Sometimes he bites too hard, and uses his claws too much, but I just let him cause he is still learning how to be a happy kitty like me!


He is no longer timid, except for with Lexy, cause he knows she is in charge, and not to bug her. And he now loves to cuddle with me and Mommy!

Mommy says he looks like a lion mated with a squirrel! He is really soft too, and has a super fluffy tail. Sometimes he steps on it cause its so long and poofy! He chases and plays with it too. Mommy calls him Silly Sam when he does that. He likes to play with strings a lot, and tries to lick Mommy's hair at night even though she hates that.

I hope you liked hearing about Samson! He is now my bestest buddy, and soon to be my brother!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's Lexy!

Sorry I took so long to introduce the two other kitties who live here! I meant to do it ealier in the week, but I got so busy playing and cuddling, and forgot.

I think I will talk about Lexy first.

Lexy is a foster kitty living here with Mommy and me. She has been here a looooooooooooooooooong time! Since mid may!  She is a BIG kitty! Much bigger than me! And Mommy says she looks like a cow!

She has big pretty eyes, and they are always open wide, so she usually looks like she is surprised! And she may look like a cow, but she sure doesn't moo! She has the funniest little meow, it is really just a high-pitched squeak. Mommy wants to make a recording of it cause it makes her laugh a lot.

Lexy can be a pain sometimes, cause she says she is the boss of everyone except Mommy. And since she is so big, when she is acting bossy, it's hard to ignore! Sometime we don't get along, because I am so playful, and always try to get her to play too, and Mommy says she needs to play more to lose some weight, but Lexy doesn't like to play with me EVER, except maybe to chase me around and smack my butt as I pass her.

She likes to play by herself though, with her favorite little meerkat toy, or a twist tie. And Lexy LOVES to be up high where she can see everyone. Especially when the bunnies are out playing, so she can hide from them!
She can get up on top of the kitchen cupboards, and on top of the huge bookshelves, even though she isn't allowed. Now she mostly hides out on top of our kitty tree.


Lexy can be very nice sometimes, and she loves getting attention from Mommy. Lately you can almost always find her on Mommy's bed.

At night, Lexy sleeps beside Mommy, curled in her arms, and I like to sleep either on Mommy's tummy, or between her knees. Samson sleeps at the end of the bed if Lexy doesn't go sleep there later on, or else Samson sleeps under the bed in the box spring. Yes, he sleeps IN the box spring. But more about him later!

Lexy may not be with us much longer. A friend of Mommy's sister, who lives in Toronto wants to adopt Lexy after Christmas! Hurrah! She will be a GREAT Mommy to Lexy, and even though my Mommy will miss Lexy a whole lot, she knows that Lexy will be really happy there. And this way, Lexy won't have to go in a cage to look for a furrever home, cause she HATES being in a cage! So after Christmas, hopefully the nice lady will be able to adopt Lexy, and then we will still hear about her, and see pictures!

I hope you liked hearing about Lexy! Even though she can be bossy, she is very nice, and very pretty, and very very squeaky!

Next time you will learn about Samson! He is still a foster cat, but Mommy says she is going to adopt him too! Maybe I will let him write on here sometime!


Okay, I admit it, I love Samson!
Mommy caught us snuggling on the couch and couldn't find a camera, so she used the webcam.

I know it may LOOK like we are spooning...but we are totally not! I swear! We are both dudes! I love him like a brother...and brothers can cuddle right?

Mommy says that her big Chistmas gift to me and herself is to adopt Samson.
See, Mommy feels bad cause she let the other foster kitty that I LOVED go, and even though she got adopted right away, and got a wonderful home, we were super close. Her name was Moxie, and she was pure black, teeny weeny, and had siamese in her. So she had pretty slanted eyes, and was super slim and cute. She was spayed right before she came here to be fostered, but that didn't stop me!

We well...there may be kittens reading, so I won't be graphic, but we were TOGETHER. And we always cuddled and snuggled, and groomed. I miss her.

Samson may not be Moxie, but he IS a good cuddle buddy. Mommy is just mad she didn't get pictures of what came before those ones! Samson and I were grooming eachother's faces, and then we were wrestling and Samson kept biting me, so I smacked him, and he said sorry and curled up behind me

Just don't go telling people I am a sissy kitty, cause Samson is JUST my adopted brudder. I love him, but in you know, a brother way.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santy Paws is Coming!

It's getting close to Christmas!

Wanna know how I am so sure? Mommy went shopping and got presents for us!

She came home the other night, after she had bought our yummy food, and food for the bunnies and rats, but there was MORE! I heard jingly toys, and Mommy was being all sneaky, and not letting me see. Then she went and got the stockings she made us.

Mine has a big M on it, and a nice green mousie since I love them. The foster cats share one, it has an F on it.

 The bunnies have their own too, with a little bunny face on it.

And even the rats get one!

All of us cats were gathered around while Mommy tried to hide the toys in our stockings without us seeing them. But we did! I saw all sorts of fun little toys, and the bunnies got a bunch too, but I might try and steal some if Lola isn't looking hehe.

The rats got mostly treats, and wreaths made of cheerios and dried fruit, and nuts in the shell, but yesterday Mommy came home from work really excited, and said she got a package!

See, Mommy always takes forever on a ratty forum called Rat Shack, and she was in their Secret Santa this year. Yesterday she got her presents and geez those rats got spoiled! The person who sent the gifts to Mommy was a really nice lady who runs a rat rescue, her name is Chelle. She helps LOTS of poor ratties in Guelph and around there, just like Mommy's other friend, Lindy, but Lindy lives in London where I am.

Inside the card, Mommy got 4 scratch Lotto cards, but she didn't let me help her scratch them at all! No fair! She did win $2 on one card, and $1 on the other, and Mommy says free money is free money!

For the ratties, there were very special hammocks, made just for them by Chelle! Chelle know that Mommy likes Dinosaurs, and it was sort of a joke or something, so Chelle made three Dino print hammocks! One flat hammock, one pocket hammock, and one tube hammock, and there were three more just like them but in a pretty snowman/snowflake pattern! What lucky rats! Lexy is helping to show them off here.

They also got a really nice hanging parrot toy for their cage. They sure love that hanging toy, and were trying to get at it all night. It was fun to watch.

They also got some jingly balls that I wanna steal! Here is one of them in the cage, the rest got hidden and stashed around the cage right away.

Here is me looking at the ratties.Their cage is HUGE! Its taller than Mommy, but Mommy hates when I jump on top of it.

Here are Luna and Asta looking at me from the bottom part of their cage. They have their own BOAT! Lucky ratties. But they aren't as spoiled as me!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I will introduce the rats, and the other foster kitties in another post, but for now, so that you know, the rats are named Cinder, Asta, Luna, Sola, and Dhara.

I just can't wait until I can open my stocking, and eat lots of treats, and get lots of pets and snuggles, and maybe if I'm lucky I will even get to see Santy Paws!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bunny Chasing

Tonight I had lots of fun!

Mommy is trying to find a new roommate, because the one who lives here is moving out at the end of this month. So when she got home from working, she was cleaning and cleaning!

The bunny pen was all messy AGAIN, cause Lola the girl bunny, refuses to poop and pee in the litter box, even though her husbun, Benny does. So of course Mommy let the bunnies have their playtime while she cleaned it.

I love bunny time! The other kitties sure don't, they hide from the bunnies, but I like to run with them!

The boy bunny is Benny. His nickname is Super Bunny though, and on his pen, Mommy made a sign that says Super Bunny Headquarters! He is all black with one floppy ear. Mommy got him last spring. When she got him, his name was Bella and she was told he was a girl! Can you believe that! Hahaha!
At first we got along really well, Benny always wants to play with me, and he has always lived with kitties, so he isn't afraid at all. But then, he got a little TOO interested in me, and well...he...this is hard to admit, but he was HUMPING me! ME! A BOY kitty! When Mommy saw him doing that, at first she laughed really hard, and I was just laying there staring at her asking for help! But she DID rescue me, and she flipped Benny on his back and realized that Bella was indeed a BOY bunny!

Well after that Benny got nootered right away so he would leave me alone, but I still don't really trust him. ESPECIALLY if I have my back turned to him. He hasn't tried it once since he was nootered, but still!

Well after that I still played lots with Benny, but he can sure be a pest! He would follow me everywhere, and always want me to lick his nose and ears, and want to cuddle.

Mommy saw that Benny really needed a friend, so she started her long search for the perfect wifey for him. Finally, this Tocktober she saw an ad for a spayed female bunny needing a home. She told the people that she would only adopt her if Benny liked her. Well not even 5 minutes after they met, Benny was in LOVE with her! He was licking her, and rubbing on her, and very happy, so Mommy adopted her!

Her name is Lola, and even though at first she wasn't as lovey dovey as Benny was, they were living in the same cage in less than a week. Mommy says thats amazing, cause some bunnies can take weeks, or even months to bond and live together! Now Lola LOVES Benny, and she has him whipped! I always see them laying with their noses touching, and kissing and licking eachother.

I really like Lola, we play THoE in the hallway, and she likes to throw toys and make noise, just like me! The other night, she picked up one of my favorite toys and was running with it, so I was chasing her! I just LOVE to run and chase! Lola is very pretty, but very messy too.

Tonight we did lots of running, and when I got tired I just lay down and watched them make Mommy crawl around all over trying to get them back in the pen.  Mommy says Lola is naughty, but I think she is funny! She goes under the bookshelves and all the places she is not allowed, and she ate the seam on the couch cushion.

After Mommy finally got the bunnies back in their pen, I had fun playing with E, Mommy's roommate. With Mommy I like to cuddle and get belly rubs and lick her, but with E, I like to play rough, and have her push me around and tickle me and roll me over and throw me up in the air! Some kitties might not like that, but I LOVE it! Whenever E tries to go do something else (What else IS there to do other than play with ME?) I follow her and meow and meow and purr and loud as I can! Then she will usually keep playing with me.

I hope you like the bunnies as much as I do! Time for me to go make Mommy make a lap for me and rub my belly.

Goodbye Henry

Hello again!
It was so nice to read all those great comments everyone left! I really did get a wonderful home.

Lately I have been super happy at night, cause Mommy is letting us sleep in her room again. For the past month, we have been locked out of there! The nerve of my Mommy! Doesn't she know that kitties HAVE to be allowed everywhere they want? She said it was cause one of her rats, Henry, her only neutered boy,
was really old and was getting really sick. Because of that, she let him be free in the room. He would sleep with her at night, and cuddle her, and kiss her, and burrow in her blankies.

It made me sad to not be able to sleep with her, but I met Henry lots of time, she said he was her favorite, but not to tell her 5 girl rats. He was a very nice rat, and never nipped, or got into any trouble at all! We never messed with him either, cause even though he was nice, he was BIG!

He was a black ratty with little white socks, and a white tummy. She got him from a rat rescue that she knows through a really great rat forum called the ratshack, at He was already neutered when she got him, and he was already a year old. Henry had lived with another boy rat, but that boy rat died, and Henry refused to go with ANY other boys, so he got neutered and came to live with my Mommy and her harem of 5 girl rats! He was very happy, and I know my Mommy loved him very very much. She even had a birthday party for him when he turned 2 in August!

Sadly, early last Monday morning, Nov 30th, Henry woke up my Mommy when he fell between his ramp and the end table. Mommy grabbed him right away, but his lungs were already really really bad, and the medicines hadn't been working much. She thinks that the fall knocked the wind out of him, and he panicked and almost died. Mommy was sooo scared, I could hear her crying through the door, so I meowed to her asked her what was wrong, but she was too busy to tell me. She had to do CPR and mouth to mouth on Henry, and she got him breathing again, but he was still gasping really bad. She took him to the bathroom and made it REALLY steamy in there. (When we have a cold or our chest is full of junk, Mommy takes us in for a steam bath and we feel better.) Well, Mommy got him breathing normally again, but she still called her father and got him to take her to the Emergency V-e-t, since it was 5am.

The v-e-t looked at poor Henry and said that his lungs were just not absorbing oxygen much anymore, and he was really really sick, and wouldn't live much longer. I wish I could have gone, I would have kissed Mommy and licked her hands like I always do, but she didn't let me go....which I guess I don't mind too much, since I HATE the v-e-t. Mommy was very sad, but decided to let Henry go peacefully, instead of gasping for air, and scared.

So Mommy has been really sad lately, so obviously she NEEDS us to lay on her all night, and lick her yummy salty skin. She tells me I always make her happy, and I'm glad, cause living here makes me happy too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Introducing Me, Monty Graycat

That's me, mister Monty Graycat. I am an almost 3 year old handsome boy if I do say so myself, and I live the good life now in London Ontario Canada with my Mommy, her roommate, and an apartment full of animals. I didn't always live the good life though.

I don't remember much of my young life, but when I was only a few months old, my sister, another cat, and I were abandoned on a country road near Kitchener. Luckily, a very nice lady found us almost right away, and she took us in to her small farm.

She got us all "Fixed", though personally, I think I was already perfect. We lived in her barn, and caught her mousies, and birdies, and I was a good boy, but sadly she had to sell her farm, she said cause of the  "econommy". I think that sounds like something I would eat!

Anyways, all three of us got taken to the Humane society. I was NOT happy! I was used to having freedom, and hunting, and getting lots of love and play time! There were lots of scared cats there, and some sick ones, and people would come and go all day long. Some people would look in at me and my sister, but they always walked away, I think we looked too miserable.

Then one day, someone came, and said "We'll take these poor guys back with us" and we went on a long car trip to London. My sister and I both went to a nice house that had some other kitties there, and a really nice lady gave me lots of love. She said she loved me, but I was only here for a little while until I got my furrever home. After I was happy again, and not scared or sad, I had to leave her, and go to a different place that had some cages, but not as many as the Humane Society. They said to be brave and look sweet, and maybe I could get a furrever home, and I tried, but after awhile, I was scared and sad again.

That was last March. My mommy had just moved into an apartment, and she was terribly missing her old kitty, Timmy, who had died in September when he was 17 years old. Now that's an OLD kitty!

Mommy saw an ad on some website called kijiji asking for foster homes for Animal Love Foundation. Mommy knew she would LOVE to foster kitties and really wanted to help, and knew she would find her next kitty through them, and could help others on the way. So that march, I came to her!

I was her first foster kitty. Right away, I loved her and she loved me. I was happy to get lots of loving, and a long hallway to run, and LOTS of toys! There was also another kitty, a little one named Hobbes who was orange and very weird, but I liked him. We would always wrestle and chase.

After a few months, Mommy had to tell the Animal Love Foundation that she was keeping me, and there was no way to stop her! Normally, they don't let you adopt your very first foster, since it's so hard to let us cute kitties go, but they trusted her and let me stay! I was so happy, I finally had my furrever home!

Well, that is how I landed in the lap of luxury.
I live in a full apartment though, with me, two foster cats named Lexy and Samson, two bunnies named Lola and Benny, and 5 ratties that I just LOVE to watch run around in their huge cage! Sadly Hobbes went to live with my Mommy's roommate's parents, but I still have lots of fun without him.

I'll write more about them next time, and more about what an awesome guy I am!