Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pawtricks Day!

Today is St Patrick's Day. Mommy made sure to wear green for it! I like green, since my eyes are green!

Mommy says that St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. I think that makes him a pretty cool guy, cause snakes can be bad! St Patrick must have been very brave to chase all those snakes! I would only chase a snake if it was a really little one. So I think St Patrick should be an honorary cat, for being so brave and getting rid of those snakes! My Mommy's great great great great...well, a LOT of great's - grandparents were from Ireland and Scotland, so I am glad the snakes were gone, so they wouldn't hurt Mommy's ancestors!

Sometimes I pretend that my Tail toy is a snake. I wrestle it like it is a mighty anaconda! I always win! I conquer it with my fangs of doom, and my bunny kicks of death!

In other news, our soft paws finally came in the mail! Mommy put them on last night. The blue looks very handsome with my gray furs, and looks nice with Sam's gold and black furs! I was okay when Mommy put them on my right paw, and then we took a break and I got some treats while Mommy did Sam's first paw. But when Mommy did my left paw I was very squirmy and was happy when it was done. I hardly notice them though, and I like that Sam can't scratch me anymore!

Well, I hope you all had a good St PAW-tricks day! Eat your Greenies, and catnip to celebrate!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today there are GHOSTS!
I can`t see them, but I sure can hear them! They are howling, and shaking the windows and doors, and moving the trees, and making strange noises!

Mommy says its just the wind, and that because we are six floors up, and there are no buildings or tall things to block the wind on our side of the building, the wind is noisier.

 We are hiding from the ghosts!

I know she just says that to make us feel better though. Its obviously ghosts! They are even moving the balcony chairs and things around!

They can`t seem to get in here, but just in case, we are staying close to Mommy! She will protect us!

Mommy keeps me safe!

Testing testing 1,2,3

We FINALLY got a short video of Samson playing with a toy mousie to upload to photobucket. Hopefully it will work!
The video is pretty dark since it was taken on Mommy's webcam, but its cute none the less
If you have trouble viewing it, let us know in the comments!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mommy Won a Camera!

So Mommy got the video function on her webcam to work! Tonight she took some cute ones of us! Sadly, they will not upload since they seem to be too long. Now that she knows she can take them though, she can make sure to keep them shorter!

Soon Mommy says she will have her own digital camera, because she won one in an auction last night!
Mommy's sister, the one we met before who cut Mommy's hair, just finished a BIG fundraiser to help people who are blind in Tibet! They were fund raising for Love In Action.

They had lots of events, like a blind walk, a vegan bake sale, an online auction, and club nights! The team that Mommy's sister is in is called the Lima Beans, and today was the end of all their events, and they made 137% of their goal! Mommy says that is very good, and that they made $2058.50! That could buy a LOT of blinds for the people in Tibet! It must be really bright there if they need blinds so badly!

 This is how Sam lays on the couch when he wants belly rubs

Mommy's father is a woodturner, and makes really pretty wooden bowls and other things, and he donated one to the auction, and Mommy's uncle donated one of his gorgeous paintings! Mommy was VERY happy to win the camera she bid on, and she also won a tattoo, and a piercing! Mommy says she will get a RING put in her NOSE! How crazy is THAT!? She is also getting a tattoo that she designed, that represents the four elements, among other things.

The Camera Mommy Won! Its a Kodak EasyShare M340 Digital Camera
It has 10mp / 3x optical zoom / 2.7" LCD
Mommy will have to go to Toronto to get it, but she is excited! I think she should get a HUGE tattoo of ME! Wouldn't that be the best? She could even get it on her face so that everyone would see how handsome I am wherever she goes! Do any of your humans have tattoos or piercings?

There are two more posts coming VERY soon, so stay tuned! One is about what happened to Baby and her human, and the other is a tribute to MY girlfriend, Cammy! Sam thinks she is HIS girlfriend, but he is wrong!

See you later! Don't forget to knock things off all  your Mommy and Daddy's tables, it keeps them on their toes, and they need that excitement in their life!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Guess what!? I got TWO awards! One is from Crews' Views, from George, Tipper, Max, and Misty! Thank you SO much! It's the Sunshine Award! 

The Rules for this award are: 
To accept this award you must pass it on to 12 other recipients and post their blog links along with the award and of course send a comment to them telling them how they have brought SUNSHINE to you. 

12 is a lot! But I think I will give this award to some of  my favorite blogs!
Enjoy your award guys!

My second award came from Noll's Nip! Thank you very much Noll!
He gave me the "Hello My Name Is" Award!


This new award was created by Inigo of Rumblebum.
It is called the "Hi My Name Is" award.
 Here are the rules:

This award must be given to two blogs that you have not visited before. Once you've found two new blogs, you need to post in their comments:

(1) a big hello and something that you like about their blog

(2) that they've won this award from your blog

(3) a link back to your blog so they can collect the award and pass it along to two bloggers, who will then pass it along to two bloggers, etc, etc.

It's a great idea, and we can all meet new kitties, and people, and goggies, and all other types of blogging creatures!

I decided to NOM-inate (hehe)
  • And Then There Were Four....Eh! Plus Two: Six very different kitties named Dolce, Magoo, Smudge, Bella, Baci,and Chloe. Their blog has lots of great stories, cute pictures, and other interesting things! I am sure I will be looking at their blog a lot!
  • Curly's Blog: Curly has a kinky curly tail, and has lots to say! He recently lost a big brother,so I am sure that getting some new friends would help him feel better!

Well thanks for the awards everyone! THey mean a lot! I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs and hearing from you in the comments! I have more to post about this weekend, like how Mommy and all us kitties had a catnip party this morning at 4:30am, and why Mommy's roommate is moving out on the 15th, and why Baby may stay with us until we find her a wonderful new home!

Until then, have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Gotcha Day!

Hello efurryone!

It is a day late, since we were having SOO much fun, but March 1st was my very first Gotcha day!
I can't believe that it has already been one whole year since Mommy got me! Mommy noticed that the cat blogosphere accidentally called me Victor, but that's okay! The well wishes were great just the same!

It has been one very interesting year indeed! I met lots of foster kitties: Moxy, Lexy, Lucy, and then Samson came, but of course, he stayed! And Lexy is still here too! Otherwise, all the foster kitties got wonderful homes, now we are just waiting for Lexy to find hers! And she probably will on April 3rd, when there is an adopt-a-thon!

This year I went with Mommy to her parents house for 10 days, and got to live with a fun doggy when Mommy had her operation, and I made it through a VERY hot summer with no air conditioning!
In the fall, I got to see my old friend Hobbes again for a few weeks, and then I got to welcome Samson into our lives, and convinced Mommy to let him stay! So I got a new brother who I love, and lived through Mommy's old roommate apparently going crazy, and through this new roommate who is actually leaving on the 15th (more on that in another post). What a year! Oh! And I started this blog of course!

Well, for my Gotcha day, I started it off at midnight, when Mommy went and found me where I was napping, and picked me up and danced around with me and told me it was now officially my Gotcha day! I was so happy! I cuddled with Mommy all night, well, except for a few potty breaks, and a break to play THoE with all the other kitties.

When Mommy woke up, she had set her alarm early so that we could have extra cuddle time, since right when she wakes up is my very favorite time to snuggle. Cammy loves that time for cuddles too, and so does Sam, so we all got lots of love, but especially me! Mommy had to go to work sadly, and on Mondays she works until 9pm, so there was a loooong day of playing, napping in the sunshine, and of course, many many games of THoE! It is one of our very favorite games, and now its even more fun with all five of us!
I really like Cammy, she is so much fun! She is young like Samson, they are about the same age, and are very similar! Even their names rhyme!

Anyways, Mommy FINALLY got home from work, and gave us some cat nips, and brushed us, and played laser dot, and threw toys for us to chase. She also fished a bunch of toys out from under the couch, so new things to play with! We got yummy treaties too! Then at night, we all went to bed, and cuddled together. It was a nice end to a nice day!

Mommy wasn't able to get to the petstore to get me a present, but I DID just get the Fling-ama-string just a few weeks ago. Even though SAM broked it! He pulled half the string off! And we already went through two sets of batteries on it too hehe. I think Mommy got tired of us begging her to turn it on a 3am, and banging on it to try and make it go, so she hid it until she can fix it again, which she says will probably be tomorrow night.

Well, that was my Gotcha day, and even though I didn't get to spend all day with her on it, I still had a lot of fun, and I am really enjoying playing with Cammy. I don't want her to leave! We will have to have more sleepovers in the future!

Oh! And I GOT AN AWARD! I will post it in my next post, but it was a WONDERFUL Gotcha Day present! Thanks so much  Crews' Max, Misty, Tipper and George!

Sorry there are still no new pictures, Mommy tried to use her mother's camera, but it wasn't working right. Hopefully soon Mommy will get her OWN cheap one! Now I gotta run and catch up to Cammy! Seeya!