Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lovey Buns!

Awhile ago I told you how much the bunnies love to rip up their phone book! Well, Lola has been working very hard on her nest! She rips up the papers, and puts them in their crate, and adds hay, and even some of her furs!

Here you can sort of see the set up, though the picture makes it look much smaller than it is

The bunnies, Lola and Benny live in a big pen that Mommy made for them, in the kitchen. See, most bunny cages that are sold in pet stores are WAY too small for even a baby bunny! Bunnies need lots of room to hop and play and run around, and nest, and be bunnies! When Mommy adopted Benny, she knew that the cage that his previous owner gave to Mommy with him was much too small, even with him getting lots of playtime outside of it. So Mommy went on a website called Kijiji, where she found both Benny and Lola, and got a used large puppy pen. The pen is 3 feet high, and the bunnies can't jump over it. Mommy attached that to a huge dog crate that a friend of hers gave her.

The bunnies use the crate part as their "burrow" and that's where Lola makes her big nests! Here is the newspaper nes she made in the last few days!

See all the paper? They also always turn over their little hut and sit in it, and make nests in it too!


Here is a close up of her nest! Can you see all her furs in it? She pulls her furs out of her sides to make it softer. Mommy has tried giving the bunnies blankets to use but Lola just pees on them, and then they won't sleep on them. Girl bunnies often use their own furs as nesting materials, especially when they are about to have babies. But don't worry, Lola and Benny are both fixed, but Lola doesn't seem to know that. She always acts like she is about to be a Mommybun.

Here you can see them with their phonebook! Benny likes to sit on it! They have lots of toys in their pen, but the phonebook, and their old boxes, and the plastic slinky seem to be their favorites! They certainly are messy bunnies though! Especially Lola, since she digs in the litter box ans gets poops and litters all over! Mommy has to sweep their pen a lot!

Pretty Lola (white with spots) and her Husbun Benny (Black)

Here is Benny looking up the numbers to the Pet Valu! He wants some more yogie treats for him and Lola!

Have a Hoppy Day!

My Favorite toy

I LOVE toys! If you haven't already heard, I am a very, very playful kitty. I will play with just about anything, but my two favorite toys are the laser pointer, and "The Tail".

The tail is a loooooooong piece of faux fur fabric on the end of a stick. It used to have feathers on the end too, but well, they were chewed off pretty fast. It used to belong to Mommy's first cat, Timmy. He didn't play with it much though, so it makes Mommy happy that I play with it now, since Timmy is gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
Here I am grabbing it! I am good at catching it!
One of my favorite things to do with it is to grab it by the end and then run as fast as I can and drag it behind me. The stick on the end whips into things, and sometimes Sam or Lexy will chase me trying to catch it!

Here I am about to run off with it, but Mommy is holding the stick! I often bring it to Mommy very early in the morning and take it up on the bed so she can throw it for me!

I also hold it and bite it and bunny kick it! Mommy and Chris use this toy for group games a lot, since all of us kitties love this toy! I love it the best though!

Kick kick kick! Bite bite bite!

Hey! Sam wants to play too! He looks like he is laughing at me here!

Well, that is my favorite toy, other than the laser light! Mommy wants to get a video of me dragging it around and running with it whipping into everything in my path!

Time to go play! Have a good weekend all you humans and kitties and doggies and all other animals!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing Baby

I almost forgot to show everyone Baby! Mommy FINALLY took some pictures of Baby, so here she is!


Baby is 6 years old, and very, very fluffy. She is all black, except for a little patch on her chest, like a bib, and a tiny bit of white on her belly. She is a very nice girl, and she loves to talk, just like me!
She is much happier here now, and she likes to play with toys more. What she REALLY loves to do is scratch on Mommy's new rug. Mommy doesn't like that. This is what she has done to the rug:

See all the little rugs pieces? They get all over the hall, and tracked all over the apartment.


Here she is looking back at the mess she has helped make! Can you see Sam's ear at the bottom? He likes to get in every picture!

And just for fun, and because it took Mommy several tries to get us all together and standing mostly still, here is all four of us kitties together!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sam gives me licks

Mommy made our very first video! Mommy realized that her new roommate Chris' camera has a video function, so she made a short clip of Samson grooming (and maybe a little biting) on my neck. Hope it works!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Dare She?!

Mommy LOCKED ME OUT! How could she?

Well, okay, MAYBE I understand why. See, Mommy has a bad cold, that came on fast, and hit her hard! So while she is laying in bed, we all come and purr on her and enjoy all the extra cuddles.

But sometimes... I am bad. I like to jump from Mommy's bedside table to the shelf in the closet if she leaves the closet door open. And when I go in there, I accidentally (mostly accidentally) knock everything down. Especially things that are noisy when they fall.

Samson and I cuddling Mommy

And then Samson and I decided to play Kitty Smackdown on the bed while Mommy was sleeping. That woke up Mommy, and she saw all the stuff I had knocked down, and she got up and said "All of you OUT!" and made us leave and closed the door behind us!

If that wasn't bad enough, she slept ALL day, and ignored me when I body slammed the door, and dug at the carpet, and meowed over and over.

FINALLY she let me back in and I was so happy! I HATE being locked away from Mommy when I know she is home. I purred and purred and licked her and rubbed up on her lots, and then all four of us went back on the bed.

My favorite place! Mommy's lap!

In other news, not much out of the usual routine ( Playing THoE, playing with toys, cuddling on the bed, wrestling with Samson, bugging Baby and Lexy and making the cupboard doors go BANG over and over) is going on. Baby is getting more happy here, she doesn't hide on top of the kitchen cupboards very often now, and we all sleep on Mommy's bed together. Baby and Sam even eat side-by-side, and she is playing more.
I still bug her, and try to get her to play chase, and she still hisses at me and smacks me sometimes. I am sure we will be good friends soon. Also, Mommy got a hair cut, and when she was taking before pictures, I just HAD to get into the picture! What do you think of her hair? Sam doesn't like it as much, cause he loves to lick hair, and now there isn't as much to lick!

Me kissing Mommy before her hair cut

Mommy after her hair cut! Sorry it's sideways! Mommy's sister cut it! 

The bunnies have had lots of fun! Mommy gave them one of the old phone books, and they have had LOTS of fun ripping it up and making a nest out of it. They filled their crate with pages, and Lola is shedding a bit, and pulling out her furs a little to make her nest. Lola LOVES making nests, and making messes. She also loves to stomp her feet, and grunt and dig and do big jumps whe she is out playing. I really like Lola.

Pretty Lola in her pen. You can see some of the mess she makes when she digs in the litter box!

Well that is my update! Hopefully soon I will have more pictures to put up! The weather is not quite so cold now, but I still cuddle with Mommy whenever I can!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Weather outside is Frightful!

It is COLD! It may be freezing outside, but its pretty cold INSIDE too!
Mommy says its because the windows and the balcony door is drafty, and since our apartment is high up on the 6th floor, and we face the river with nothing on the other side to block the wind, it blows HARD! It makes funny sounds, sometimes it sounds like ghosts!

All us kitties find the best way to stay warm is to snuggle with Mommy! All four of us will lay on the bed with her. I always like to be on her belly, Samson is usually on her feet, Lexy lays beside her shoulder, or down by her feet, and Baby, the newest member of teh family likes to sleep on the pillow beside Mommy's head.

Mommy says she doesn't mind being so squished because we keep her nice and warm. We are lucky that Mommy can't move much in her sleep anymore, cause she had a bunch of back surgeries when she was younger. She DOES twitch her legs though, but Samson holds them down for me hehe.

I decided I like Chris. Today he came home from being out last night, and he had a snack of yogurt. He was nice and SHARED with ALL of us! Mommy doesn't eat yogurt, so its a special treat! Anyone who shares food with us is a friend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Official!

After today, Samson is officially my brudder! Mommy finally got the phone sorted out, and talked to Animal Love, and Shandra came over tonight to see Mommy and all of us kitties!
She said it is okay for Samson to be my brudder forever, and Mommy paid her since they had paid for Samson's neuter, and vet visit when he was sick.
Tonight Mommy is helping us celebrate by breaking out the nip! And of course playing laser tag with us!

 Sam always looks like he is smiling when he sleeps!

Some other news, sadly, the girl who had been interested in adopting Lexy backed out, so now Lexy is looking for a home. Mommy, and her friends and her sister are getting the word out about Lexy! A few people have asked about her, and hopefully it will all work out!

     You can see his fluffy belly!

Also, Mommy's new roommate moved in! His name is Chris, and he has a kitty too! Mommy and him get along much better than Mommy and E, since both Mommy and Chris are vegetarian, and are huge animal lovers, and Chris has fostered for Animal Love too!

The Orange one is Hobbes, E's kitty who used to live here

Chris' cat is a pretty fluffy black 6-year-old cat named Baby. She is very nice, and even sleeps on Mommy's pillow at night. She is getting along with us all, except for me. Mommy says I don't understand personal space. I can't help it if I just want to play with her! But when I sneak up on her, she yells at me, and gets mad, and then Mommy has to come and shoo me away. She will come around though, no one can resist me!

Mommy doesn't have any pictures of Baby, or any new pictures, since she has to borrow a digital camera to take them. Enjoy some old pictures of sleepy Samson, and of us playing on our cat tree when Mommy had just gotten it!