Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a great weekend! It had lots of friends and playing, and nip and toys!

Yesterday Mommy had friends over, and we all got lots of attention and playtime!

First, Mommy made a new friend who lives in her building. He lives just a floor up, and his name is Shawn. Emily met him first, and then introduced him to Mommy. He has a kitty named Choo choo bear, and he used to have a doggy. His doggy has a new home now though. He came over for a little while and Mommy introduced him to all of us. He played with us and petted us. It's fun to meet new friends!

Then, Mommy's friend Anne came over. Mommy hasn't seen her a lot in the last year since she went away to some place called New Zealand! That is where Poppy Q lives!

Well, Anne worked at Christchurch botanical gardens, and then traveled all over New Zealand. Mommy is very jealous, especially since next September, Anne is going to Ecuador to work in the Rainforests! Anne took horticulture in college, and now she is getting to travel and see some amazing places!

 Anne will get to go to pretty places like this in Ecuador!

Anne gave us lots of belly rubs, and thought we were very handsome, and in Lexy's case, pretty. I had met her before, but no one else had!

Shawn came over again later and when Mommy and him were watching TV I got cuddle time and pets, and the bunnies got play time.  Bunnies were being Crazy! Mommy and Shawn were laughing at Lola, she was doing lots of binkies, and racing around.

 Sam is laughing at the bunnies too

After the bunnies were back in their pen, Sam and I were playing, and Mommy decided that we should have a catnip party! Mommy dumped out all the toys, and gave us lots of our special super strong catnip! It was lots of fun!

 There were more toys than this too, they were everywhere!

Today was mostly boring. Mommy had gone to Shawn's with Emily until early this morning, so she slept a lot. But that's okay, that means we got to snuggle with her all day! And of course, we have to wake Mommy up every once in awhile to give us pets and cuddles..
It was a good weekend, meeting new friends, playing, cat nip, and snuggles! What did you guys do this weekend? Was it quiet and relaxing, or wild and crazy?

Snuggles, toys, nip, and friends, is there any better way to spend a weekend?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guess who came to visit?

This is Sofi and her service dog Leila! Leila wouldn't turn around, she was busy looking at the bunnies!

Mommy has a friend who lives in one of the buildings in our complex. Her name is Sofi, and she came over to visit on wednesday. But she didn't come alone! Sofi brought her service dog, Leila with her!

 Isn't she pretty? What a nice smile she has!

Purrsonally, I like woofies. I have met a few, like when Mommy had her boobie-ectotmy and we stayed with Mommy's parents, they had a doggy and we were friends. I have met Leila before, and we got along great, and Lexy has met her too, though Lexy mostly hid. Sam had never met Leila though, so we weren't sure what he would think.

 Pretty Leila! She LOVES pink! She has pink bowls, pink leash, pink collar, and pink bed!

Leila is a black standard poodle, though Mommy says she is quite small for a standard poodle. Leila LOVES all other people and animals, and as soon as Sofi and her came in, I rolled on my back and Leila gave me kisses. Leila is fun to play with, even though she can get a little too silly for me. Leila lives with 6 guinea pigs, 2 rats, and a kitty named Bella. There are also 2 other woofies staying in their apartment with their owners, and of course Sofi, and her partner Sam.

 Leila wants some cookie bits! We are hanging out hoping for treats!

Lexy hid on top of the kitchen cupboards for most of the time, but she came down later. Even Leila knew right away that Lexy was the boss, and not to bug her. Leila was cautious and walked very slowly around Lexy, while Lexy glared at her.

 Lexy is peeking from behind Sofi's power chair. She has her lasers pointed at Leila!

 Lasers on high! Leila is sloooooowly going past Lexy. It was a slow motion stand off!

Sam was asleep on Mommy's bed, and when he finally did come out, he was very unsure of the woofy in his livingroom. He was scared and hid on top of the cat tree.

 Samson is watching Leila from his safe spot

Mommy and Sofi ended up seeing a show on tv all about matching service dogs with their owners, and they talked about how Sofi knew right away that Leila was the dog for her.

 Leila wants to sit where Lexy is, but was afraid to try and get Lexy to move MOL

Leila mostly looked all around the apartment, and sat near the couch. But Leila was REALLY interested in the bunnies! She has never met bunnies before, and she wanted to go in their pen and see them. The bunnies didn't think that was a good idea though, and Lola was VERY stompy.

 Leila and I are playing!

 Sorry its blurry, we were moving a lot!

Mommy is sad that she missed taking a picture of Leila and I sharing kisses. Luckily she got lots of other pictures!

Do any of you kitties like woofies? Do you live with any?

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Videos

Mommy's new camera has a video function. She took some videos of us. They are very short though, since Mommy doesn't have a memory card for it yet so there isn't much room in there. Also the camera was making funny noises during the video.

That is us all having sink time! We like to hang out in the bathroom. Lexy is begging Mommy to turn on the tap. The bathroom is fun. We can play in the drips, and wrestle in the tub, and play hide and seek in the curtains, and I like to "dig" on the mirror and in the sink.

We all get drips on our heads, and at night Mommy will pet us and say "Oh Yuck! You guys are all wet!"
It's fun to make her say that!

The next video is of the fun mess the bunnies made! They have been working very hard at ripping the pages out of the second phone book they got. This time instead of making a big nest in the crate, they decided to cover the whole floor of their pen with pages! They did a pretty good job of it I think!

Now, this last video is introducing the 4 final members of my family. I don't mention them much on here, but they sure are fun to watch! These four rats are all sisters. They are super friendly, and don't bite at all, even if I stick my paws at them, or get real close to them when they have their playtime on Mommy's bed.

The white rat is named Luna, and her name means Moon. The brown rat is Dhara (say it like dara) and her name means Earth. There is one that is pale orange, but you can't see that very much on the video, and her name is Sola, which means Sun, and the last ratty looks almost the same as Sola, but she is beige, and her name is Asta, which means Star. They are a little over a year old, and Mommy got them from her friend Lindy who has a rat rescue in London, where I live.

I watch them like they are my own Tv. This morning I was stretching against their cage, but my soft paws are almost ready to come off, and they got stuck on the mesh that is on the cage and I had to cry to Mommy and wake her up so she could come save me. There is mesh on the front of teh cage because Dhara and Asta are sneaky and skinny and found out they can escape from the cage if they squeeze between the bars at the edges. The mesh keeps them in... unless they decide to escape from the bars at the back that aren't meshed haha. I like when they escape, even though they just hang out under their cage and sneak treats, or go over to Mommy's bed and climb up to get attention. The don't do it very much at all anymore though, they mostly escaped when they were really little.

Well, I hope you liked our videos, and meeting the rats! I am sure I will have lots more pictures and videos to come now that Mommy has a camera!

Have a good weekend efurryone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Treats on Tuesday!

Mommy got us some special treat foods!

It's a pouch full of yummy Wellness wet food! She got us three kinds, and we already ate two tonight!

One is Salmon & Chicken, and one is Tuna (We had already eaten the Salmon and Tuna)

Mommy had to guard us while we ate, because Samson is a PIGGY and kept stealing out portions! Mommy let Lexy eat first, then I got my turn, and Sam had to wait the longest! He was BAD though and kept stealing a taste no matter now many times Mommy moved him away and told him "NO!".

My turn! Look at Samson eyeing the bowl.

It was soooooo yummy! I wanted more, but I was a good boy and waited for my turn and let the other kitties have theirs. Mommy told me that Emily got some for her kitties as well, so Cammy and Molson and Shinobi will get yummy treats too!

Look at Sam pigging out!

What at nice late night snack! We are lucky kitties! Have any of you other kitties tried these pouches? WHat were your favorite flavours? We like Tuna and Chicken and Salmon flavours the best!

Lexy has just finished her portions and was licking her paws right before this picture.

As a bonus, Mommy forgot she had a picture of Lexy in her cage at the Adopt-a-thon. You can tell she is scared and NOT very happy! The cage was actually much bigger than the picture shows.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

BIG cats!

Last night, Mommy and I were reading stuff on the Animal Planet website, and we found a link from a neat place called Big Cat Rescue!

We stayed up really late looking at all the cats there, and watching the videos. And when they say Big Cat Rescue, they mean BIG cats! Lions and Tigers and Bobcats, Oh My!

He would probably eat me! Yikes!

All the cats they have are rescued, and almost all the bobcats were rescued from really BAD places called fur farms. How could anyone put those gorgeous big kitties in tiny cages, and hurt them and then wear their furs!?!

Mommy said that there are lots of horrible places like that, and its not just big cats, they do it to all different kinds of animals. It just makes me sick to think of someone wearing an animals furs! Though, I guess my Mommy wears a lot of animal furs, all over her clothes! But that's cause we shed all over her, and not cause she buys cruel real fur.

 If you want to wear fur, just let an animal shed all over you!

My Mommy would never do that, and I hope your Mommies know about how BAD the fur and leather trade is! I even heard that when humans buy fur that says it is raccoon or rabbit fur, sometimes it is really DOG or CAT fur! Especially if it is made somewhere in Asia, mostly from China.

 People say Samson looks like a fluffy bobcat!

Anyways, we were watching some of the great videos on the Big Cat Rescue website, and there were a bunch of videos about a baby Bobcat named Hope, who was orphaned. She ended up getting raised by a kitty who is like me, and that kitty momma looked just like Lexy! A little skinnier...okay, a LOT skinnier. Baby hope grew up with that kitty momma, and the momma's two kittens, and eventually got released! How great is that!? It's nice to know that catkind is helping out our wild cousins!

You should all go and find out about our wild cousins, and if you have a little money saved up for new mousies, maybe think of donating it to Big Cat Rescue. They do wonderful things for the big kitties, I know if us little kitties were allowed to go on a tour there, and Mommy would take me to Florida, I would love to go see them for myself! Anyone near Florida want me to come visit and go for a roadtrip?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bunnies are Weird

Do any of you other bloggy kitties have bunnies that live with you?
The girl bunny here, Lola, is very very weird. I just don't understand her sometimes.

Tonight, she wouldn't stop stomping! Every 5 seconds she would go STOMP! And when bunnies stomp, its loud! Mommy says that Lola is a very noisy bunny, and that she usually gets stompy when she is grumpy, or frustrated, or when she wants something. Mommy gave Lola treats, and her evening veggies, but even while Lola was eating, she was still stomping! It sure is funny to watch a bunny try to chew and stomp at the same time!

Mommy thinks Lola wanted to come out to play again, but it is too late for bunny playtime. And its not like Lola didn't have lots to do in their pen! The other day Emily brought over a new phone book for them to rip up, and both Benny and Lola have gone nuts tearing it up and making a new nest with the pages.

Mom says Lola might just be extra bored right now because it is Spring time, and she is in a nesting mood, and wants to have babies even though she can't anymore. I don't know though, cause Lola is like that almost all the time! She loves to bang things, and stomp, and grunt, and beat up her litter box, and dig, and make messes and noise. I think she is just making double the noise because Benny is such a quiet bunny, so she is making up for him being neat and quiet.

What do you think? Is she just a silly messy, noisy girl? Or is it Spring fever?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Laptop Cord!

Mommy has internet again! Her Dad went to a computer guy he knows and got her a new power cord for much much cheaper!

I am very happy since I can visit all my friends bloggies again! Including a very new bloggy that my good friend Cammy started! Make sure to visit it and say hello!

Remember Cammy? She is the cute half Maine Coon that stayed with us for awhile last month when her Mum Emily went to Vancouver. She came over the other night to play, but she was in a crummy mood and hissed and growled at us at first.

She was smart though, and wanted to sleep over, so when her Mum was about to go home, she jumped up high to the top of the fridge and cupboards so no one could get her down. And even when her Mum finally DID get her down, she whined and cried, so her Mum and my Mommy said if she wanted to sleepover that bad, she could! Yay!

All night we played THoE, and Cammy really likes to chase us around. She can get a little whappy though, and she doesn't have soft paws on, so it can hurt! It was still fun though. After that we all went and snuggled on Mommy's bed, and woke Mommy up so she would pet us all. I wish Mommy had 2 extra hands for petting. Then I wouldn't have to wait my turn for pets and scritches.

 I bet this lady can pet a lot of cats at once!

The next day, Cammy was being silly when Mommy gave us all some of the good catnip. She was rolling in it and growling at us whenever we wanted to get some of it! Luckily Mommy always spreads it around so we all get some.

 Yum! Mommy promised to grow me some this summer!

Catnip makes me feel funny, and my eyes go all big and I like to wrestle and be silly with Sam, and it makes me like to go singing! My favorite place to sing is in the bathtub, it echoes a lot in there! Plus its fun to jump out at people from behind the shower curtain! It sure scares Mommy when I do it in the middle of the night when she has to pee! She screams real loud!

Anyways after Mommy left for work, we had lots of naps and playtime with our toys, but Cammy started getting grumpier. She didn`t like our food, and she was hungry. Mommy had to work late that night, so when she got home, Cammy was REALLY hungry and REALLY grumpy! Cammy`s Mum came over to get her though, and she was being real grumpy to her Mum, and saying BAD words! I would never say those things to my Mum! I want to know where she learned some of those words, cause I never heard some of them before! Mommy says that when Cammy got home she ate a whole lot of food, and then she was happy again. We will just always remember that if Cammy wants to sleepover, she needs some of her own food!

I hope you all have a happy weekend, and don`t forget to check out Cammy`s Bloggy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Sorry Mommy didn't update you all sooner!

Someone (*cough* SAM *cough*) chewed up the power cord to Mommy's laptop, and it sizzled and smelled bad and now Mommy's laptop ate up all its power.

He may LOOK innocent, but he sure isn't!

So we had to tell Mommy EXACTLY what to write, and she will update the bloggy for me when she goes to her parents house today. Mommy says a new laptop cord is expensive, and since she didn't work much this month, she either has to wait a few weeks to get it, or borrow monies from her parents. I hope she borrows, cause I haven't been able to read my friends blogs in DAYS! And I can't wait a few more weeks!

Anyways, I really hope all you kitties and doggies and people and other critters out there had a good Easter! I checked under Benny and Lola's butts, but they didn't lay me any treats or eggs, just more poop pellets, and no one wants those! We all got treats though, and cuddles.

And by everyone....I mean Lexy too.

Her tail looks very pretty curled up like that!

Lexy went to the Adopt-a-thon on Saturday, at 9:30am, and stayed there all day. When Mommy came home from taking Lexy (They had enough volunteers) we were very confused. We looked all over but couldn't find her, and we were SURE she had left with Mommy earlier, but she didn't come back!
We wasted the day cuddling Mommy, cause we could tell she was sad, and we waited by the phone for the call that would tell us Lexy got a home. But it didn't come.

All the rescues that were at the Adopt-a-thon had very few adoptions that day. Mommy says it was just bad luck, it was the Easter weekend and lots of people went away, and it was REALLY nice outside so everyone was outside doing things. So only two kitties from Animal Love Foundation (Where we all come from) got adopted that day. And Lexy wasn't one of them.

So at four o'clock, Mommy got a ride and picked up Lexy and brought her home. Lexy was very scared, and was squeaking to tell Mommy how happy she was to see Mommy and not be in the scary huge room full of people again.

We liked to perch here on top of Mommy's jewlery box

The cages the cats were in were mesh, so the cats could see each other, and when Lexy tried to go pee, the other cats growled and hissed at her. There were lots of wonderful kitties, like two older Maine Coon siblings, and two young bengal-looking mixes, and another cat named Samson! He didn't look like our Samson though, he was fluffy and white, with light gray spots and a pure gray fluffy tail. Lexy says he was very handsome but she couldn't see him very much.

One nice lady was interested in Lexy, but she never came back. That's okay though, because Mommy says Lexy is welcome here until she finds a home, no matter how long it takes!

Lexy had to take a little bath after she got home, in case any of those other kitties had a flea or mites, and Lexy REALLY didn't like that, but she is still happy to be back home with Mommy, even if it isn't forever.

In other news, Mommy's sister is home for a few days, so Mommy finally got her camera! Yay! Only problem... it has no memory card, so she could only take 3 pictures at a time, and of course now she can't upload onto her laptop because of naughty Samson.

It's all his fault!

We all had a mini photoshoot before the Adopt-a-thon with a camera Mommy borrowed. Do you like our new pictures? Here is one of me!

Can you see my lasers are on?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lexy is Leaving

Mommy has been sick lately, so she hasn't let me blog. I have read all my friend's blogs, but I haven't written any for mine.

Mommy has something wrong in her inner ear. She says it makes her feel really dizzy and sick. So staring at the computer for more than 10 minutes makes her feel really yucky.

Here are some things that have been going on lately:
  • Lola the silly bunny stole red licorice out of Mommy's purse! She ran around with it and wouldn't let Mommy get it from her. She ate almost a 3rd of it before Mommy could get it! It sure was funny to watch!
  • One of Mommy's ratties got a big abscess on her back. It was really gross, but now its all healed.
  • Mommy had lots of time off work, but she ended up being so dizzy during it that we didn't get to do many fun things with her. We got lots of cuddle time though!
  • The weather has been FANTASTIC! We just LOVE having the windows and screen door open so we can smell the spring air!

Now the sad news. These are Lexy's very last days here. On Saturday, April 3rd, Lexy is going to the big adopt-a-thon. Last year, all but one cat that they brought was adopted, so this is Lexy's big chance!
Mommy is going to give her a b-a-t-h tomorrow, so make her look her best, and clip her nails and brush all the loose fur out of her. Mommy is very sad to see Lexy go, since she has been here for almost a year. Lexy has been getting lots of special cuddles and lovin's and of course, getting brushed! I don't mind being brushed, but Lexy LOVES it! Mommy will miss hearing Lexy squeak, and getting poked for attention, and having Lexy beg Mommy to turn on the sink tap for her.

Lexy waves goodbye

On Saturday, send lots of purrayers and think good thoughts about Lexy getting the best home she can! Of course, if she doesn't get a home, she will come back here, but she has been waiting for a furrever home for a LONG time, and we are all hoping that Saturday is going to be her day! Paws crossed it will be!

Sam and I and of course Mommy will miss you very very very much Lexy! Good luck in finding your perfect furrever home!