Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Dare She?!

Mommy LOCKED ME OUT! How could she?

Well, okay, MAYBE I understand why. See, Mommy has a bad cold, that came on fast, and hit her hard! So while she is laying in bed, we all come and purr on her and enjoy all the extra cuddles.

But sometimes... I am bad. I like to jump from Mommy's bedside table to the shelf in the closet if she leaves the closet door open. And when I go in there, I accidentally (mostly accidentally) knock everything down. Especially things that are noisy when they fall.

Samson and I cuddling Mommy

And then Samson and I decided to play Kitty Smackdown on the bed while Mommy was sleeping. That woke up Mommy, and she saw all the stuff I had knocked down, and she got up and said "All of you OUT!" and made us leave and closed the door behind us!

If that wasn't bad enough, she slept ALL day, and ignored me when I body slammed the door, and dug at the carpet, and meowed over and over.

FINALLY she let me back in and I was so happy! I HATE being locked away from Mommy when I know she is home. I purred and purred and licked her and rubbed up on her lots, and then all four of us went back on the bed.

My favorite place! Mommy's lap!

In other news, not much out of the usual routine ( Playing THoE, playing with toys, cuddling on the bed, wrestling with Samson, bugging Baby and Lexy and making the cupboard doors go BANG over and over) is going on. Baby is getting more happy here, she doesn't hide on top of the kitchen cupboards very often now, and we all sleep on Mommy's bed together. Baby and Sam even eat side-by-side, and she is playing more.
I still bug her, and try to get her to play chase, and she still hisses at me and smacks me sometimes. I am sure we will be good friends soon. Also, Mommy got a hair cut, and when she was taking before pictures, I just HAD to get into the picture! What do you think of her hair? Sam doesn't like it as much, cause he loves to lick hair, and now there isn't as much to lick!

Me kissing Mommy before her hair cut

Mommy after her hair cut! Sorry it's sideways! Mommy's sister cut it! 

The bunnies have had lots of fun! Mommy gave them one of the old phone books, and they have had LOTS of fun ripping it up and making a nest out of it. They filled their crate with pages, and Lola is shedding a bit, and pulling out her furs a little to make her nest. Lola LOVES making nests, and making messes. She also loves to stomp her feet, and grunt and dig and do big jumps whe she is out playing. I really like Lola.

Pretty Lola in her pen. You can see some of the mess she makes when she digs in the litter box!

Well that is my update! Hopefully soon I will have more pictures to put up! The weather is not quite so cold now, but I still cuddle with Mommy whenever I can!

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