Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lovey Buns!

Awhile ago I told you how much the bunnies love to rip up their phone book! Well, Lola has been working very hard on her nest! She rips up the papers, and puts them in their crate, and adds hay, and even some of her furs!

Here you can sort of see the set up, though the picture makes it look much smaller than it is

The bunnies, Lola and Benny live in a big pen that Mommy made for them, in the kitchen. See, most bunny cages that are sold in pet stores are WAY too small for even a baby bunny! Bunnies need lots of room to hop and play and run around, and nest, and be bunnies! When Mommy adopted Benny, she knew that the cage that his previous owner gave to Mommy with him was much too small, even with him getting lots of playtime outside of it. So Mommy went on a website called Kijiji, where she found both Benny and Lola, and got a used large puppy pen. The pen is 3 feet high, and the bunnies can't jump over it. Mommy attached that to a huge dog crate that a friend of hers gave her.

The bunnies use the crate part as their "burrow" and that's where Lola makes her big nests! Here is the newspaper nes she made in the last few days!

See all the paper? They also always turn over their little hut and sit in it, and make nests in it too!


Here is a close up of her nest! Can you see all her furs in it? She pulls her furs out of her sides to make it softer. Mommy has tried giving the bunnies blankets to use but Lola just pees on them, and then they won't sleep on them. Girl bunnies often use their own furs as nesting materials, especially when they are about to have babies. But don't worry, Lola and Benny are both fixed, but Lola doesn't seem to know that. She always acts like she is about to be a Mommybun.

Here you can see them with their phonebook! Benny likes to sit on it! They have lots of toys in their pen, but the phonebook, and their old boxes, and the plastic slinky seem to be their favorites! They certainly are messy bunnies though! Especially Lola, since she digs in the litter box ans gets poops and litters all over! Mommy has to sweep their pen a lot!

Pretty Lola (white with spots) and her Husbun Benny (Black)

Here is Benny looking up the numbers to the Pet Valu! He wants some more yogie treats for him and Lola!

Have a Hoppy Day!

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