Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Favorite toy

I LOVE toys! If you haven't already heard, I am a very, very playful kitty. I will play with just about anything, but my two favorite toys are the laser pointer, and "The Tail".

The tail is a loooooooong piece of faux fur fabric on the end of a stick. It used to have feathers on the end too, but well, they were chewed off pretty fast. It used to belong to Mommy's first cat, Timmy. He didn't play with it much though, so it makes Mommy happy that I play with it now, since Timmy is gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
Here I am grabbing it! I am good at catching it!
One of my favorite things to do with it is to grab it by the end and then run as fast as I can and drag it behind me. The stick on the end whips into things, and sometimes Sam or Lexy will chase me trying to catch it!

Here I am about to run off with it, but Mommy is holding the stick! I often bring it to Mommy very early in the morning and take it up on the bed so she can throw it for me!

I also hold it and bite it and bunny kick it! Mommy and Chris use this toy for group games a lot, since all of us kitties love this toy! I love it the best though!

Kick kick kick! Bite bite bite!

Hey! Sam wants to play too! He looks like he is laughing at me here!

Well, that is my favorite toy, other than the laser light! Mommy wants to get a video of me dragging it around and running with it whipping into everything in my path!

Time to go play! Have a good weekend all you humans and kitties and doggies and all other animals!

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