Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing Baby

I almost forgot to show everyone Baby! Mommy FINALLY took some pictures of Baby, so here she is!


Baby is 6 years old, and very, very fluffy. She is all black, except for a little patch on her chest, like a bib, and a tiny bit of white on her belly. She is a very nice girl, and she loves to talk, just like me!
She is much happier here now, and she likes to play with toys more. What she REALLY loves to do is scratch on Mommy's new rug. Mommy doesn't like that. This is what she has done to the rug:

See all the little rugs pieces? They get all over the hall, and tracked all over the apartment.


Here she is looking back at the mess she has helped make! Can you see Sam's ear at the bottom? He likes to get in every picture!

And just for fun, and because it took Mommy several tries to get us all together and standing mostly still, here is all four of us kitties together!


  1. Baby sure is a sweet looking girl! Looks like she needs to have her claws trimmed. It's the only way we survive nine kitties :).
    Is that a snake I see in the group photo or just a long tail?
    ~Lisa Co9T

  2. Haha no, not a snake! That's my favorite toy, we call it "The Tail". I like to grab it by the end and drag it around everywhere. I am posting about it soon!

    Also, Baby DOES have loong claws, Mommy and Chris let them stay long for awhile so that if a certain kitty (Me) was bugging her too much, she could defend herself better.