Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Weather outside is Frightful!

It is COLD! It may be freezing outside, but its pretty cold INSIDE too!
Mommy says its because the windows and the balcony door is drafty, and since our apartment is high up on the 6th floor, and we face the river with nothing on the other side to block the wind, it blows HARD! It makes funny sounds, sometimes it sounds like ghosts!

All us kitties find the best way to stay warm is to snuggle with Mommy! All four of us will lay on the bed with her. I always like to be on her belly, Samson is usually on her feet, Lexy lays beside her shoulder, or down by her feet, and Baby, the newest member of teh family likes to sleep on the pillow beside Mommy's head.

Mommy says she doesn't mind being so squished because we keep her nice and warm. We are lucky that Mommy can't move much in her sleep anymore, cause she had a bunch of back surgeries when she was younger. She DOES twitch her legs though, but Samson holds them down for me hehe.

I decided I like Chris. Today he came home from being out last night, and he had a snack of yogurt. He was nice and SHARED with ALL of us! Mommy doesn't eat yogurt, so its a special treat! Anyone who shares food with us is a friend!

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