Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Efurryone!

Sorry it's a day late!
I hope you all had a LOVE-ly day with your beans and Mommies and Daddies and Peoples!

We had a nice day! Well, most of us did. Lexy had a stressful day, but I will let her tell you about it in a bit.

On Valentines morning, we had our usually snuggles with Mommy, and got belly rubs, scritches, and kisses.
Then Chris gave us all some fancy feast, and Mommy gave us Greenies. I LOVE Greenies, and we all like fancy feast, but I think it upset our tummies a little bit since my poops today are bad enough to burn off my nose hairs!
After our snacks, Mommy brushed Lexy, and got out the Carrier of Doom. But now, I will let Lexy tell you all about her day.

Lexy: Hello! I sure feel special, since Monty hasn't let ANYONE but him blog on here yet! Not even Mommy!

Yesterday was a scary day for me, because I went to the Animal Love Adopt-a-thon! I had a feeling something was up last night when foster Mommy was giving me extra cuddles and attention. She also brushed me for over half an hour! I LOVE to be brushed, so I was super happy! Then she clipped my claws, which I don't like very much. The brushing helped make up for it though.

Anyways, after I ate my fill of fancy feast, and got my greenies, and got brushed some more, I saw foster Mommy go into the big closet where she stores things, and got out what Monty calls the Carrier of Doom! I thought maybe she was taking Sam or Monty somewhere, since she hasn't taken me out since I got here last May! Boy was I surprised when she picked up ME!

I REALLY didn't want to go in there, but Mommy persisted, and I was stuck in there! I did my saddest little mews and gave her my sad eyes but she STILL didn't let me out! Then I was taken out of the appartment, and down what Mommy called the elly-vador, and then out to the COLD!

Okay, I was only outside for about 2 seconds until we were in her mother's moving metal room, but it was FREEZING! Then the moving metal room took me on a long ride, and I mewed and mewed all the way there! When we got where we were going, I remembered being there, and got even MORE scared! We were at the place with the cages, the one Mommy calls Petsmart. I was kept there before I came to foster Mommy's and I still remember it very well. Foster Mommy petted me though and told me it was just for today, and that I would either come home with her, or go to a new furrever home!

Well, that made me feel a LITTLE better, but I still hated being put in one of those same cages, and it wasn't even one of the cages in the small quiet room full of kitties, it was right out in the middle of the store! Mommy said that was so everyone could see us, and think about adopting us, but it sure was loud! And there were DOGS!

Well, foster Mommy stayed at the petstore to help the other volunteers. Every once in awhile she would come see me and tell me that I was being good. Everytime she came over I would tell her I wanted to go home NOW, but she said I had to wait.

Lots of people came to look at me and the other kitties, and there were two doggies there for adoption too, a little border collie puppy, and a big shepard mix. The puppy, Bailey, didn't scare me much, but the sheppard did! Apparently the shepard REALLY likes cats, but I didn't want to be her friend! Bailey was lucky and someone wants to adopt her, but had to talk to her husband first! I sure hope she DID get adopted!

I was lucky, my cage faced towards the back to the store, so it was a little quieter. People still looked at me though! I did my cutest looks, and squeaked at them, and tried to tell them to take me home. The kitty in the cage next to me, Erik, was lucky and got adopted, and a woman and her daughter looked at me, and really liked me, but they had to think about it and went home. Another man said he really wanted a girl kitty, but he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't have to go away for work for a long time so that he would have lots of time to bond with a kitty. He went home too, but maybe he will remember me when he has time home and can adopt a kitty!

Well, it felt like I was there FOREVER, even though it was only 4 hours, but at the end, I was happy to go home! I WASN'T happy to go back in the Carrier of Doom though, and when foster Mommy tried to put me back in there, I knocked over the litter box mwahahaha.

After I was back in the CoD, foster Mommy and I were waiting for her mother to come get us to go home, when a very nice girl and her boyfriend came to look at kitties. She really wanted to adopt a cat, but she has a guinea pig, and a bunny, and wanted a kitty who would get along with them. Mommy jumped right up to let them know that I am good with small animals. I like the rats, and even though I don't like the bunnies, I just hide from them, I don't chase them or anything. The girl was really happy about that, and foster Mommy even opened the CoD to let her see me and pet me. She really liked me, but wanted to go home and think about it, so Mommy told her if she was still interested in me, to contact Animal Love.

After that, foster Mommy's Mother came to take us home, and help Mommy carry all the cat food and litter, and things that she bought up to the apartment.

I really hope someone remembers me when they decide to adopt a kitty! I DO love it here with Foster Mommy, and would like to stay here furrever, but I know that I can't. 

If you know ANYONE around London Ontario, or even Toronto who would like to adopt a nice squeaky cow girl like me, let Mommy know! I REALLY need a furrever home!

Monty: Okay Lexy, you had enough time now! Look how much you wrote! You better not take over my blog!

While Lexy and Mommy were at the scary place, Samson and I had naps, and groomed eachother, and of course played! Then Mommy came home with Lexy, and a surprise for us!

She got us a toy for valentines day! It's called a Fling-a-ma-String! Mommy and I had seen it and heard about it on some of you other kitties blogs, and it looked like a lot of fun! So when Mommy saw it, she just HAD to get it for us!

She got it all set up, and let us go wild! I like it lots, but I don't like that I can't just grab the string and run away with it. Lexy sure loves it though!

Lexy: I sure do! It ALMOST made up for being a cage all day!

Monty: Hey! What did I say about taking over my blog!

Lexy: Sorry...But I DO love it! Even Baby gets in on the action!

Monty: Well, that was how our Valentines day went! I hope you other kitties got treats and lovin's and cuddles, and even toys too! Hopefully soon there will be more pictures to put up here!

And for all the other readers in Ontario, Happy Family day!


  1. This so sad. I hope she can stay with you. It is obvious she has bonded to your family and other animals. I feel so bad for her, I hope and pray she can stay with you.

  2. Well, Mommy would LOVE to keep her, but also knows that if she kept Lexy, there wouldn't be much rom left to foster, and of course Mommy will continue to foster! But Animal Love knows how stressed Lexy gets in a cage, and so other than going to perhaps another Adopt-a-thon if there is one, she will stay here until she is adopted. She is such a wonderful girl that Mommy KNOWS she will get a great home, if someone would just look past her size...and beleive me, she IS a big girl!

    Mommy: Lexy also loves to be queen, and to be in a household with less cats than there are here, with less change going on. It's amazing she is as great as she is even with all the moving that went on, and cats coming and going. She is a special girl, who deserves her very own special family to treat her like the princess she is! But she is welcome to stay here until the perfect one comes along!