Friday, February 26, 2010


There is a new kitty here! Her name is Cammy, and she is here until March 10th since her Momma, Emily is going on vacation to Vancouver.

Isn't she pretty?
She is a maine coon mix, but she is still pretty young, so she isn't huge yet. Her and Samson are about the same age, though Cammy is a little younger. Mommy says that her and Samson should get married since they are both so cute! But don't worry, Sam is neutered of course, and there wouldn't be any babies. But if there were, they would e SUPER cute and VERY fluffy!

This is Cammy as a kitten
Cammy lives in Emily's apartment, and their building is almost right beside ours, so we see Emily lots! Sam has even been over to visit them! Cammy lives with two other Maine Coons. One is named Molson, and even though he isn't related to her, he is like her Daddy. Mommy says that Cammy used to try to nurse from Molson when she was little, and even now they are very very close.

There is baby Cammy with her "Daddy" Molson
Now, I have never met Molson, but Mommy says he is HUGE. She also says he is a very nice boy, and is very sweet. He is not staying with us, since he is very independent and doesn't need nearly as much attention as Cammy does. But Mommy will of course be over to check on him and the other kitty there, as well as Emily's mouse. Emily has ratties too, but they are staying here with Mommy's rats.

Look at silly Molson!

The other Maine Coon that lives with Cammy and Molson is Emily's roommate's cat. Her name is Shinobi. She is very big too, and very mellow and sweet.
Shinobi's belly!
Mommy is happy to have little Cammy visiting. Mommy is very sad today, because one of her ratties died this afternoon. The rat's name was Cinder, and this morning Mommy went to check on them and Cinder was very limp and dehydrated. Mommy ended up staying home sick, which was also good because Cinder was really not doing well. Mommy fed her Ensure to try and hydrate her, and she perked up for awhile and cuddled on Mommy's belly. Mommy had gotten her a last minute V-E-T appointment, and 20 minutes before they had to be there, Cinder suddenly started gasping for breath, and it sounded like her lungs had filled with fluid. Mommy's mother was there to drive them to the V-E-T. and Cinder made it there, but the Docter said that her it looked like her heart had given out. Since Mommy didn't want Cinder to suffer, she had her humanely put to sleep.

Baby Cinder

Cinder was a VERY mischievous ratty, and she would often escape from her cage and get into things. When Mommy still lived with her parents, Cinder even made a nest in Mommy's boxspring and there was all sorts of funny things in it, even a perfect five dollar bill! Mommy will really miss Cinder, and all her antics.  

Sweet baby Cinder. She had a little white belly and white "socks"

As if that weren't bad enough, when Emily went to get her rats to bring them over here, she found one of them had died. It's not a good day to be a rat it seems.

Emily's rat Hack when it was a baby


  1. Happy Gotcha Day to Victor!!
    Cammy is such a cutie pie!
    We are very sorry to hear about sweet Cinder.

  2. We're sorry to read about cinder! Our human has never had rats or mice for pets, but she has heard they can be very, very affectionate. It's so hard to lose a fur companion, no matter what species. Purrs and Light to your mom.

    As for Cammy, our human wants to take her! We're in Kingston, ON...It's doable. In fact, our human wants to trade Nicki for Cammy. MOL.

    And finally, a happy Gotcha Day to Victor...I think it's March 1st, according to the Blogosphere!

  3. Happy Gotchaday to sumone named Victor; is my name an my Purrthday! We's furry sorry bout yur rattie. Mom an Dad haded a rat when they was first married an she was a grate pet. She gotted a tumor an haded to be put to sleep, too. Yur bisitin kitty sure is cute! I bet she tastes good fur groomin, too. Purrs,
    Victor Tabbycat

  4. Cammie is a pretty kitty.

    We came by to wish Victor a Happy Gotcha Day.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day to Monty... sorry about the typo on the Cat Blogosphere.
    "Red-Faced" KC

  6. Hey, we gave you an award. Stop by the pick it up!

    The Crew

  7. That's my Cammy girl! I'm glad you like her, Mr. Monty!

    Also, no kitty trades, I miss my baby!