Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samson likes to eat

Samson is a pretty small cat, though he may look bigger in his pictures. But Sam certainly doesn't EAT like a small cat!

One of Sam's favorite things is EATING. He is always the very first to eat when the food is doled out, and he goes back many many times until all the food is gone. He eats the most out of all four of us, but since he is so active and young he is the littlest.

But the way you know eating is one of his most FAVORITE things, is that he even dreams of eating! When he is asleep, you can often see his mouth open over and over, and he smacks and licks his lips. Sometimes he even chews on the blankets. It is really cute! Mommy always smiles when he does that!

Sam and I also often sleep upside down with our tongues sticking out and our eyes partly open. When Mommy first saw me do that, she was terrified that I was dead! But of course, I was just napping! When we do that though, Mommy likes to poke our tongues, but that wakes us up! I know we are cute Mommy, but leave our pink little tongues alone!

Our feeding ritual goes like this: Mommy has two bowls that are connected, until she gets some more food bowls, and when she fills them up, she puts the diet food on the bottom (for me and Lexy) and the normal food on top (for Sam and Baby). We eat Nutrience dry food, and get wet food as a treat, usually fancy feast since someone bought Mommy a huge amount and she wants to use it up before buying more.

As soon as the food is poured out, Sam and Baby are right there. They sit side by side and Sam shoves as much food in his mouth as he can and gobbles until he is stuffed, while Baby daintily munches. When they are done, I go and eat as much as I like, and Lexy usually eats after me.

People are often surprised that Lexy and I eat last, and usually don't want to eat as much, since we are the biggest kitties. Lexy especially looks like she would eat the most, but she has a very ladylike appetite! Mommy still can't figure out how I have a belly at all, since I am so active, and am still a youngish kitty. But I really do have a jelly belly, it swings back and forth when I run!

Well, speaking of running, I really should go chase Samson, so he doesn't get fat from all the food he eats!

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