Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I need to have a talk with Samson

It has come to my attention that Samson needs a stern talking to. He is getting just a LITTLE too big for his britches. He is acting like HE is in charge of ME! But I know that is not true, since I am older, and bigger, and I have been here longer!

Listen to this evidence, it proves he thinks he is in charge of me!

a) When we are having wrestlings, Sam pushes ME on my back, and bites me REALLY hard. And he has super sharp baby kitty teeth still! And also super sharp claws! He always bites my shoulders and my neck too! It HURTS! I tell him to stop, and growl and cry at him to let go, but he won't! Mommy even has to come over and pry him off my neck! She finds little cuts on my neck too. And once Sam gets into a wrestling mood, he doesn't want to stop! He always has to be the winner, or else he won't leave me alone!

b) I sleep on Mommy's tummy every night. That is MY spot! Sam sleeps at the end of the bed! But twice this morning, and once last night, when I went to go pee, or have a drink, as soon as I got back, there is Sam, in MY spot! I asked him nicely to move, and he ignored me. I poked him and asked a little LESS nicely, but he just looked at me innocently and didn't move! So what choice did I have? I flopped on top of him! And THAT finally worked! He better not keep this up!

c) Samson has been playing with MY favorite toys! Yesterday he was playing with "the tail" and wouldn't let me steal it from him!

d) When Mommy gave us our treats and catnips tonight, he TRIED TO EAT MY TREATS! And that is the LAST straw!

Tonight, when he is all stretched out asleep, and least expects it, BAM! I am going to whap him in the face and put the bitey on him!

Well.. maybe after I am finished rolling in and eating and licking this catnip...and after that I might need a nap...maybe that smackdown and lecture will have to wait until tomorrow....

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