Friday, February 26, 2010

Soft Paws

Mommy wants me to ask you all a question: Do any of you kitties wear soft paws on your nails?

If you do not know what soft paws are, here is the website:

Soft paws are like little plastic covers for your claws, to keep kitties from scratching certain things, and it's also an alternative to declawing. As we all know, declawing is BAD!

Well, Samson has been VERY bad about scratching lately. He keeps doing it on the couch, and on the rug, and on Mommy's bed post, and on ME! Mostly the cuts Mommy finds on me are from Sam's teeths, but he does scratch me quite a bit. Mommy is very good about trimming all our nails, but Sam's are just very, very sharp!

Look at all the colours! There are even more than that! 

So when Mommy was talking to two friends who were having similar problems, and suggested the soft paws, and then thought "Hey, I should take my own advice and gt some for Samson!". So Mommy looked on the website, but they didn't take paypal, so Mommy found a different website that sold them too (even a little cheaper!) that did take paypal, and ordered them! She got BLUE for Samson, since that would look lovely with his fur, don't you think?

Sam will have pretty paws like this!

Well, Mommy just wanted to know everyone's opinions on them while we wait for them to arrive.

Now if only they made TEETH caps for Sam's pointy daggers of doom!


  1. I've never had soft paws but I'm indoor/outdoor when it's warm outside so I wouldn't even let mom do that what would I do outside without my for around the house Mom just keeps me trimmed and I scratch my cat tree a lot!!

  2. Seems like the softpaw claws just don't stay on very well. Our mewmie says a few clients at the cat hospital where she works try them but never seen to stick (hahameow)with them too long.