Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Mommy-less Weekend

Mommy is leaving us! Can you believe that? She is going away for 3 whole days!
She is leaving straight from work tomorrow, and then coming home on Monday, but if traffic is bad, she might go straight to work. Mommy works until 9 on Monday nights, so that would mean we might not see her for a long time!

Luckily, Mommy asked Emily and Shawn to come feed us, give us love, and keep us from going completely crazy from missing Mommy. I will miss Mommy a whole bunch, and I know Sam and Lexy and the rats and bunnies will too, but I know that we will have lots of fun with Emily and Shawn. Plus, as a treat, Mommy got us some cat grass!

Sam gets ready to Nom on it

Mommy is going to some place called Toronto. It's only about 2 hours away from where we live in London, Ontario. Mommy's sister lives there, and Mommy will be staying with her. Mommy's mother is also going, but she is going to something called a conference, and is staying with a cousin who lives in Toronto.

On Sunday, Mommy is getting her tattoo! We mentioned awhile back that Mommy got a camera, a tattoo, and a piercing from the Charity Auction her sister did. Well, to get the tattoo and piercing, she has to go to Toronto, and so this weekend she is finally getting the tattoo done! She can't get the hole in her nose though, because the person who does that isn't there on weekends.

Purrsonaly, I don't understand why anyone would want to put a hole in any part of them, or get something written on them forever and ever, but Mommy likes it. Mommy already has a tattoo on her left wrist, the word "Dochas" with an accent over the O, that is the Gaelic word for Hope.

 Mommy's first tattoo

This time, Mommy is getting a sort of symbol that she designed herself. Mommy is something called a Pagan, and this design has to do with that.

What Mommy's tattoo will look like

The "N's" represent Mommy's Pagan name, Nenet Nokomis. The sort of swirly thing is like a combination of the yin yang sign, the infinity sign, and is for balance. The water drop is because Mommy says she is a Scorpio and that is a water sign, whatever that means. BUT! It is also the four elements! See, the "N's" also look like mountains, for Earth, and in the other direction, they are like lightning bolts, for Fire. The Swirly thing is like wind, for Air, and the water drop is... its for Water, duh.

 The explanation all drawn out. Sorry its a bit blurry!

For the past few months Mommy has been deciding where to get it on her body, and she mostly settled on the back of her neck. Now she is rethinking that though, and wondering if it would look better on her other inner wrist. What d you all think?

Mommy even has another tattoo planned for in a few years. Mommy has a lot of big scars from the 5 back surgeries she had a few years ago. The one goes all the way down Mommy's spine, from the bottom of her neck all the way to about 2 inches above her bum. She was told that since that scar was opened up 4 times, she would have to wait a long time before getting a tattoo over it, but eventually she is getting a zipper over it! Mommy says that she told the doctor if he was going to keep opening her up, he may as well put in a zipper, so it's kind of a joke. Also, after the 4th surgery, she had 75 little staples holding it closed (ouch!) and it looked like a zipper, so her Dad took the pull off his coat and taped it to the top of her "zipper" and took a picture right before the staples came out. Mommy is very excited for that tattoo!

What do you think? Is Mommy crazy for a) leaving US a whole weekend  b) getting something written on her forever  or c) being close to doing Eeny Meeny Miney Moe to decide whether it will go on her wrist or neck.

Yeah, I think she is crazy for all three too. Have a good weekend everyone! I hope your Mommies aren't as crazy as mine!


  1. Ohhhh....her tattoo is gonna be awesome! the Woman said so, and she likes tattoos a lot (she has 2), and I don't think she'd lie about that. I hope we get to see a picture when it's on her...

  2. We love her tattoo design! We vote for where she can see and it and remember it.

    Monty, you just nap a whole lot with your furblings and soon your Mommy will be home. Why people have to go places and do things, we'll never understand.

  3. Yes, the reason Mommy is rethinking putting it on her neck is cause she won't be able to see it. Well, she won't be able to see the zipper one, but for this one, I think she might go with wrist now, make both wrists look pretty!

  4. those are precisely the two places I want tattoos! ugh! so hard!

  5. Kim here...I have three tattoos, been meaning to get a fourth for years, but never seem to save the money! So hurrah! Love the design! The fourth one I want is a Goddess symbol, actually. Have had it cut out (printed from on-line) and with me for ages! Love the zipper tattoo idea too; that's so cool.

    As for this one, not sure where you should get it! If you do it on the wrist, you'll see it. But back of the neck is cool too. Just remember that as we age we sag (really, since I'm 46 now but didn't start to tattoo until I was 37), so don't have a tattoo on a body part that's going to droop. LOL!!!

    This is so exciting...Now I want my fourth. Ha. Maybe I should make more of an effort to save up, not spend all the $ on the cats! :-)

    Have a great weekend, we'll look forward to seeing a pic afterward.

    P.S. Monty, you guys will be fine! You'll never even notice your mom is gone. Really. And you can always have a house-trashing party! Whoohoo!

  6. We get grass too, and our mewmie is going away for 6 days soon...we are planning our revenge now...

  7. Interesting tatoo but we would rather have the cat grass. FAZ

  8. While googling tat images, I came across the Dochas one....was a bit surprised..the word may be Irish, but in Ireland Dochas is also the name of a large women's prison...I though author was a jail bird :-))