Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling Better!

Well, it was much cooler on the weekend, and I am feeling much better! I am even getting my meow back!
It sounds a little funny, not my usual glorious voice, but its better than nothing!

I missed snuggling Mommy when she was gone, but the night before she left, she had her new girlfriend sleep over, so I got cuddles from both of them! And Lisa was nice and fed and played and cuddled us, and remembered to give me cat nip! She even let the bunnies out to run, and turned on our Fling-a-ma-String toy!

I am happy Mommy is back though, because she needs me! On the Sunday morning Mommy was coming home, she woke up feeling kinda yucky, and when they stopped for coffee, she REALLY started feeling bad. Its a good thing Jenn (her girlfriend) pulled the car over, cause Mommy had to puke! Now, us kitties are pretty good barfers, we can do it pretty often, between hairballs, eating cat grass, or eating too fast. But Mommy almost NEVER throws up. She says she only threw up ONCE since she was in something called grade 3, so apparently that is a very long time, like a million years or something, and it means that Mommy has to be pretty sick for her to actually barfy.

So it turns out Mommy caught a bad cold just like we had, probably from the kids where she works. Mommy works part time as a nanny, taking care of two little kids. I guess last Thursday, the little boy had a bad cold, and got his germies all over Mommy and made her sick!

So you know what that means! I have to lay on Mommy, and purr, and keep her warm and cozy, just like she did when I was sick. It is nice to make her feel better, though she keeps saying that having cat hair up her nose doesn't help her stuffy sinuses, whatever that means!

Last night Jenn came over to help Mommy feel better, and she infringed on my Mommy cuddles again when she slept over. I like having Mommy to myself, but I guess that way I can cuddle two people instead of just one! I still prefer my Mommy though, and so does Samson and Lexy. Samson really likes Jenn though, since she indulges his need for constant belly rubs. If this Jenn gets in the way of my Mommy and Monty time too much though, I may have to poop in her shoes.

So, we had a pretty boring, normal weekend, and we all feel much better, other than Mommy. I sure hope it doesn't get too hot again soon, since now that its a bit cooler and we aren't as sick, Samson and I can play and wrestle again!

I hope all you kitties who live where its hot have good ways to cool down, and have a great day!
(Sorry, no pictures today, Mommy wasn't here to take any on the weekend, and she feels to yucky to take any now!)


  1. We're glad YOU'RE feeling better, Monty, and are sending lots of purrs and healing Light to your mom. Our own human has thrown up only 2 or 3 times as an adult, so yep, has to be *very* sick before that happens. Yuck.

    We hope your mom feels better soon!!!

  2. Glad you are feeling better nad we will be purring and praying your mom feels better soon.

  3. YAY that you're feeling better, Monty. We're purring that your mom will soon be better also.

  4. Monty, our Mommy is a terrible barfer! She usually ends up in the ER to get fluids and anti-barfing meds.
    We are happy you are being such a good nurse. Sick people usually are very hot, which is quite nice we think...excellent for snuggling!

  5. Oh Monty we are glad that you are feeling better but it stinks that your mommy is sick now! We think it is very smart of you to cuddle with her because staying warm is very important when you are sick! We hope she is feeling better soon!!