Saturday, July 3, 2010

Goodbye Toby and Good Luck!

Well, it's very early on Saturday right now, and Mommy and I can't sleep, because today is the day that Toby leaves us.

We have only had him for about two and a half weeks, but it seems like he has been here forever! We all had extra special cuddles with him all Friday, except for when Mommy went to her parents home to wash her clothes for free (They charge for it in the building) and Toby had to stay in the bathroom so that he could eat his food while she was gone. Toby's food is kept in there because a certain kitty *cough* Samson *cough* would eat it all up if it was left out. And well, I admit, I take a few nibbles too. It's just so tasty!

All day on Thursday, Toby was kept in the bathroom too, since Mommy went away to her Aunt's with her family for the Canada Day celebration. Her Aunt and Uncle just bought a huge property up near cottage country, and it took about 3.5 hours just go get there. So Mommy was gone from 8am until 10:30pm, and Toby was not happy being cooped up.

 Silly Toby falls asleep in funny places!

Mommy made it a fun day though, she put dried nip all over the carpet and our cat tree, and gave me some fresh nip from the big plant Mommy has on the balcony. She also put out some toys we haven't played with in a few weeks, I love when she does that!

So our Canada Day was fun, other than Mommy being gone, and Toby being stuck in the bathroom with all his toys. What did you other Canadian kitties do?

 Kitten Karate Kick! Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Now, as promised I will tell you what happened to Mommy's old roommate Chris, and his kitty Baby.

Mommy was having problems with Chris from the start, with him not helping out with housework, never remembering to give us food or water, NEVER cleaning the litter box, and being messy in general. Now, Mommy knows she is not perfect, and that us animals are messy and stinky sometimes, but Chris never [aid any attention to Baby, and would go away for days at a time. He also hadn't told Mommy when he moved in, that he was quitting school, so he wouldn't be getting money anymore from the government, and he didn't have a job. He DID get a job at one point, but he got fired after less than 2 weeks.

Mommy kept trying to remind him to help out, and give him some time to get back on his feet, but it just wasn't working out, so she asked him to move out the next month. He also wasn't on the lease, so that wasn't a problem.

 Gorgeous Baby. We miss you pretty girl!

Now comes the sad part. When Mommy decided to let him move in, she thought it would be great, because Chris had also fostered cats for the same place Mommy fosters us. Then Mommy found out that Chris was no longer allowed to foster cats, after two cats died in his care, from something COMPLETELY preventable. Mommy won't tell me what, but she says it was purely neglect, and that made her very mad.

Mommy confronted Chris, and he said he didn't even know that was why the cats died, and didn't even notice the kitties were so very close to death until it was much too late. After Mommy talked to him, he agreed that he shouldn't have any animals since he couldn't take care of them, and had enough trouble taking care of himself. Mommy said she would keep Baby until she could find her the perfect new home, and was even going to ask if Animal Love could help find her a new home. Everything seemed okay, Chris was moving out soon, and Baby would be safe and cared for.

Then one day, while Mommy was at work, Chris and a friend of his came over, and they took Baby away without telling Mommy about it. We didn't even get to say goodbye to her, and neither did Mommy.
When Mommy got home, right away she noticed Baby was gone, and she was very very worried. She checked her email, and saw that Chris had emailed her only saying that he had taken Baby to live at his friends house. Now, this seemed to Mommy like Chris removed Baby so that he could keep her himself, even though he admitted he was in no way capable of caring for her. When Chris got home late that night, Mommy was MAD. Not only had Chris not paid rent or bills, or helped with costs for Baby, he had obviously taken her when Mommy was gone because he knew he was wrong to do it. They had a big fight, and it was scary. Mommy had asked him a few days before to leave in the next two days because he hadn't paid, and she wouldn't make him pay if he left right away, but he hadn't even started finding a place to stay yet, and he was still there. Now, Mommy knows she got extremely mad, mostly because she was so worried that Baby would end up like those poor cats that died if Chris took her back. Chris even admitted that he took her to his friends house so that he could take her back eventually, and said he knew it was purely selfish and not in Baby's best interest. He knows he shouldn't own animals, but he didn't care.

Baby, and Sam's ear

This is when it started to get scary. Mommy asked Chris to leave, as he had started to act very strange, and Mommy didn't feel safe with him there. Mommy is pretty small for a human, she is only a little over 5 feet tall, and doesn't weight much, and Chris is a BIG guy, over 6 feet tall, and close to 300 lbs. so Mommy was pretty worried. He refused to leave, and refused to give back the keys. Mommy was afraid that even if he left, he would come back while she was gone and try to hurt us, or her. After a lot of yelling, and Chris acting very very scary and strange, Mommy found out why Chris was acting so weird. He has some personal problems, that he was being treated for, but because he didn't have money, he stopped taking his treatment, even though its very dangerous to do so. He was having a crisis. Chris called the big people in the blue uniforms, making it sound like Mommy was the bad guy, and Mommy talked to them too, and Chris finally left the apartment to go wait for them, and Mommy's parents rushed over.

The people in the blue uniforms were very nice, and listened to Mommy and realized what had happened. They got the keys back from Chris, and took him to the big people vet to try and make him better. He wasn't allowed to come get his things without there being someone else there, even one of the people in the blue uniforms.

So, as you can see, it was a very scary, emotional night. Chris stayed at the big people vet for a few days, and then moved into a special place for people that need his kind of help. Mommy really hopes he gets better, but still really hopes he never takes Baby back, or gets another animal. We never heard about Baby ever again, and really hope she is okay, and happy and healthy at the house she is at, and gets lots of love from Chris' friend. Mommy liked the friend, and thinks she would be a great owner, but hopes that the friend doesn't let Chris take Baby back. I know Mommy has a lot of regrets that things turned out the way they did, but is glad that Chris finally got some help, and that Baby is safe.

 Toby and Samson. Look how big Toby is now!

Well, that was a LONG story! You can see why I didn't tell it sooner, its long and a little sad. And this morning will be sad as well, when sweet little Toby goes to the vet for his shots, and then goes to the Petsmart Adoption cages.

We all love him, and Mommy has been asking everyone she knows to adopt him or Lexy, and wishes she could keep Toby forever, since we all get along so well, but there wouldn't be room to foster as much, and Mommy is also certain that Toby will get a new forever family pretty soon, since he is so sweet, cuddly, friendly and playful! We will miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much Toby! We loved having you here, and will think of you and love you always!


  1. Poor Baby. What a life she had with Chris. We hope she is happy, safe and healthy. That is a very scary thing that happened with Chris!

    It must be hard to let Toby go, but you did a good job with him.

  2. Good luck to Toby *and* to Baby. It sounds like Chris is bipolar and not on meds. Or perhaps schizophrenic. Very difficult situation all round. I've known people only via cyber-space who are bipolar, but did have a friend, back in Halifax days, who was schizophrenic.

    Lots of purrs and universal Light to all concerned--four-legged and two!

  3. Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster story. We will purr that Baby is in a good situation. Your Mom was smart to recognize that Chris was dangerous, and we're happy that he is being treated.

    Give lil Toby tot a kiss from us! Your Mom is a great person to foster and it looks like she does a good job.

  4. Wow...that is some story. I hope Chris gets the help he needs and Baby is OK. All the best to Toby.

  5. Oh noes...what a story! Humans can be very frightening and oftentimes it's the pets that suffer. Fostering is a special calling, and we admire your mewmie for trying to help...

    Tell your mewmie that there is an awardie and meme waiting for you at our blog...

  6. We are so happy to meet Toby through the photos. We hope that he found a beautiful forever home with a loving family. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals