Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's HOT!! Also, Toby Update

It is HOT here where I live!
And it's even worse because its super duper humid too! We are lucky that our apartment doesn't get direct sunlight but it's still VERY hot! Mommy and Lisa have the fans on, and keep all the doors and windows closed to keep the heat out as best they can, but that only helps a little bit.

 Mmmm the fan blowing on me feels so nice!

We haven't been able to do much at all, no wrestling, no games of Thundering Herd of Elephants, no getting into mischief at all! It's BORING. All we can do is laze around, lay on the tile or in front of the fan, or as Lexy does, lay in the sink!

 Lazy Samson on the new chair aka "The Throne"

There is another reason we are being lazy, and that is because we are all not feeling well. I feel the worst of the three of us, and I have even lost my gorgeous voice! All I can do is a funny sounding squeak, and not even a good squeak like Lexy's normal Meow. We all have sore throats, and a little cough. Mommy talked to someone from Animal Love though, and they said to just keep an eye on it, we will probably get over it in a few days, and if not, Mommy will take us to the V-E-T. I don't want to go there, but I DO want my pretty voice back s I can serenade Mommy early in the morning, and talk to her and Lisa and everyone else!

Too hot to play!

Want to know the reason Mommy was talking to Animal Love in the first place? We got GREAT news!
Toby didn't actually go in to Petsmart on Sat, he stayed at Lori's (another great foster home) all weekend, since Lori had a bunch of other kittens that needed their shots. She picked up another kitten that was near by us at the same time. We got to see him, he was fluffy and orange and little like Toby, and his name was Titan! So Toby got a fun weekend, playing with all those other kittens, and on Monday, they all went in for their shots together, and into Petsmart.  And then....

 Snuggly little Toby and me in the cat tree

.....TODAY HE GOT ADOPTED!!! Lori just called Mommy and told us that both him and Titan got homes today! Not together sadly, but good homes! We are very happy for him, and hope it is a wonderful home full of love, and he is happy there for the rest of his life!

We miss him lots, he was our special little buddy, but now I don't get ambushed from above when I walk by the couch, and Lexy is VERY happy to be able to go back in the bathroom! She can drink from her sink again, and as you can see she has reclaimed it as hers!

 Lexy loves her sink!

Well I hope you guys aren't as hot as we are! Mommy may just have to break down and buy a used air conditioner! Mommy is going away with a friend this weekend, so Lisa said she will take good care of us. We will miss Mommy of course, but if it cools down and we feel better, maybe we can get Lisa to throw us a catnip Party!

 Lexy likes the cool air from the fan blowing on her belly!

How do you kitties beat the heat? And what do you do when you feel under the weather? We have been getting lots of treats and cuddles cause we feel icky, and fresh catnip from our big plant helps too!

Have a great, COOL, Wednesday Night!


  1. Great news for both Toby and Titan! We hope they have wonderful forever homes and long and happy lives with their humans.

    We're sorry you're not feeling well. If it's just a cold, your mom can add L-Lysine to canned food. You can buy it at nutrition stores in capsules that break apart, with powder inside. It's an amino acid that binds to the molecules of the cold virus and helps lessen the symptoms. Humans use it too, for cold sores (the Herpes virus). We get it our canned food when we get colds--we *were* getting about 250mg daily as a preventative, but our human got kinda lazy with it. It tastes a bit salty, but otherwise is fine. (Yes, our human has tried it--it's produced in our bodies, after all, so not toxic.)

    If it's not a standard herpes-virus cold, though, we don't think it will be much use.

    Oh, and yes, we are HOT here too! No a/c, either, so we're just lying around, totally flaked out, no energy. We need a break from this heat wave. Low 20s C and no humidex would be purrfect! :-)

  2. Wow it is so great that both Toby and Titan found new forever homes! But it stinks that all of you have colds - hopefully they will pass quickly - we are sending over lots of get well purrs for all of you!

    And we hope things get cooler there soon. We are lucky to have A/C but last year when our power went out our mom helped us stay cool by putting ice cubes in our water - we like it that way anyway but it was great when we were all hot!

  3. I hope you are feeling better. I wish we could you some of our AC, its much too cold here for us. Sending you purrs and prayers to get well.

  4. Hurrah for Toby & Titan!
    We hope you all feel better soon. Could it be allergies?

    It's 116F in the shade on the Catio this afternoon, so we're staying inside in the cool A/C. No humidity though, so it's not too bad!

  5. Toby and Titan have fun in your new forever home. We hope the weather cooled down for you a little. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals