Saturday, July 17, 2010

Volunteering and New Toys!

Mommy is feeling much better now, so I guess all those purrs you sent, and all the purring we kitties did on her worked! Thanks guys! Mommy says thanks too!

We didn't do too much this week, Mommy was sick for the first part of the week, and Jenn came over lots, and helped Mommy feel better. They locked us out of the bedroom though one night, and Samson was MAD! He was being really bad, and banging on the door, and being a pest. Finally they got tired of it and let us back in, but Mommy and Jenn and Lisa were NOT happy with him the next day. Samson just hates getting locked away from Mommy, even if she is just sleeping, or going to the bathroom. He gets all crazy.

Mommy worked on Wednesday and Thursday, and we missed her, since we have gotten used to her being here almost everyday. Mommy only works a few days a week in the summer, and we like it that way. We get lots more cuddles, and playtime, and love.

 We got new stuff from the fundraiser!

Today, we got left alone all morning and afternoon, but we were okay with that, since it was all for a good cause! Today was a fundraiser for the Animal Love Foundation, which is where we all come from, and who Mommy fosters for. They had a big car wash and dog wash, with handmade pet toys, a bake sale, a BBQ, and a draw! The local radio station even came to help spread the word, and play some great music!

Lisa went with Mommy to help out, and they helped out at the BBQ, taking money and getting buns ready while another volunteer did the actual grilling. They saw lots of adorable doggies, and nice people, and raised money to help pay for all the sick kittens they have right now, and spays, neuters, medical costs and of course the essential items like food, litter etc. Lots of people came, and Mommy's mother got her car washed too!

Mommy and Lisa said it was a lot of fun, though Mommy ended up with a bad sunburn. Mommy is well...PALE. People always tell her she is the palest person they have ever seen, and Mommy jokes that she is one step away from albino. Mommy wears 60spf sunscreen, but she still got burned!

 Mommy says she looks like one of these now!

The BEST part about the fundraiser though... NEW TOYS! Mommy got 5 new toys for us! Three catnip pillows, a kitty kicker, and a piggy tail. Two of the catnip pillows have cows on them, just for Lexy, but of course she shares with us too!

 Lexy models her new cow-print toys

The kitty kicker is fun! It has crinkles in it, and lots of catnip, and its the perfect size to grab on to and bunny kick like crazy! I LOVE catnip, and these toys are nice and strong, and the toys are so much fun! The piggy tail is a curly knitted "tail" with a bell on then end. We already got one from an adopt-a-thon that Lexy went to, and Mommy knew we liked it, so she got us a nice dark purple one.

 Samson checks out the new toys. Which one should he play with first?

There are lots of ways your Mommies can help out local rescue groups, and if they already don't, urge your Mommies or Daddies to volunteer as foster parents, or drivers to pick-up or take sick kitties to vets or adoption events, or even help on the websites. There are so many great volunteers out there, helping out all the kitties and doggies and other animals who need homes, and I am thankful for every single one of them! If not for them, I would have been *gulp* put to sleep, and wouldn't have my wonderful home, and Mommy, and all of you nice cats to talk to!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We wouldn't be here without our cat rescue organization either. Mom cleaned cages at the adoption center for a couple of years, but then got too busy at school. She gives money though.

  2. Car + dog wash is a great idea for a fundraiser. I might suggest this to the shelter I support (Gananoque). Kingston's shelter (where we are) does a lot of fundraising, of course (I hate our shelter with a passion, for a variety of reasons), but I don't think they've ever done a dog wash.

    Good for your mom!!! And you got terrific toys out of it, too. :-)

    All four of my cats (including "angel" Chumley) were adoptees and I'd never consider anything else (except rescue, of course).

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hurrah for your Mom! We donate stuff to our local vet. They treat animals for free that are owned by needy folks and they also have a good foster program.

  4. Those toys look SO familiar! =)

  5. Good for your Mom! I wouldn't be here without the foster organization connected to our shelter.

  6. Happy Birthday, Monty.
    Haven't heard from you in a while, hope you are doing well.
    Come visit with us at the Cat Blogosphere, we miss you.
    Love & Purrs,

  7. Happy birthday, Monty. We hope you have an excellent day! :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Monty! Those toys look so very fun to play with. We hope you enjoyed your fun birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing with us.
    World of Animals