Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello kittens and cats!

There has been some drama here! But because of that, all us kitties are stuck in Mommy's room. We were there ALL DAY yesterday, and ALL DAY today! ( Note: the pictures are all on Mommy's computer, so she will put in some pictures of her parents silly dog named Kiana. She is my friend too!)

So, since a few days before Chrissymouse, Mommy has been very upset. E, Mommy's roommate, left to go to her parents for Chrissymouse, but didn't tell Mommy that she owed a whole bunch of monies to the people in charge of the apartments where we live. She also wouldn't tell Mommy what was going on, or call Mommy, or come back to pay the monies she owed when they were due on Chrissymouse Eve.

This was super bad, cause Mommy is not on the lease, and was supposed to take over the lease when E left, but Mommy couldn't sign until E gave them the monies. Mommy was worried she would be kicked out, and that her new roommate would be without a place to live too.We all gave Mommy lots of cuddles though, and licks and purrs, but Mommy was still stressed out.

Kiana likes to sleep and sit on TOP of her crate!

Then, yesterday morning, I heard a lot of banging on the door, and yelling! I guess E was mad at Mommy for telling her to come pay the monies, and she brought her Daddy and her brudder, and yelled at Mommy to open teh door, cause the security latch was on from the night.

Once they came in, they were yelling at Mommy, telling her it was her fault for not getting on the lease sooner. Mommy says thats true, she could have done it sooner, but there was no need to yell, and call her names, and slam doors on her, and be rude. Mommy got really mad,a nd yelled back, and cried, and her parents came over to try and help. That's when Mommy took all us kitties and put us in her room, cause E and her family were grabbing all her stuff and moving right then and there. I DO tend to get in the way, and I always want to look in the hallway, so Mommy wanted to make sure we didn't get stepped on, or lost.

E's family was even rude to Mommy's parents, and so Mommy went out, and took all her stuff away from E's, and then put a small litter box, and food and water in her room for us, and hugged us all, and then went to her parents house while the moving happened. Mommy's Mom stayed behind to make sure E's family didn't do anything.

Kiana the dog with her snow face

We were all very confused, and heard lots of banging and talking and things being moved around. We looked under the door and saw lots of shadows and people's voices. Someone came up and talked to E's family, and then Mommy's Dad came and talked to them too. There wasn't anymore yelling, but it wasn't happy talking either.

After everyone left, Mommy came home, and let us out. You wouldn't beleive what had happened! Everything got moved around or was gone! Mommy had put all her stuff in one corner of the living room, and E put all the stuff they couldn't fit into her room. All night we got to explore, and play in the empty space. I didn't play for too long though, Mommy was sad, and needed my cuddles and licks. She stayed up until 5am! She said she couldn't sleep so she read books and petted me and talked to me and Lexy and Sam.

Then today Mommy got up early and went out for awhile, and came back and told us that we didn't have to move out, and we could stay through January, and that starting February 1st, it would be OUR apartment!
Mommy cuddled us lots until after lunch time when E's Dad came back for the rest of her stuff, and Mommy had to shut us in her room again.

Kiana smelling the flowers

We are so bored! Mommy's room has too much stuff in it right now, from moving everything around, and there isn't much room to run or play. I was bad and jumped up on the ratty cage, and knocked things over, and chased the ratty named Cinder when she came out.

So that is why we are all bored! Mommy says that I might not get to post much for awhile, since the internet will be turned off, and she will have to do some things, and move stuff, and clean and call people before we get it back.

Old picture of Mommy cuddling Kiana

Another time, I will write more about the doggy Kiana! I hope you kitties out there are not bored like we are, but we will get let out very soon. Time to explore some more!


  1. Oh noes! We are so sorry to hear about this. Must have been so scary for you guys and your mommy! We are send all of you lots and lots of comforting vibes!!!
    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  2. You're delusional and full of shit. The yelling you heard to open the door was probably just voices in your head. But you say whatever you want to, those who know you know you only do it to get as much sympathy as possible from others. Oh, and Happy Fucking New Year bitch.

  3. It IS a MUCH happier New Years, thanks so much!
    The fact that you took the time to comment shows what a nice and considerate person you are!
    Most of the time, Mommy liked E, and tried to get along. Its very sad that it had to end like that, there really was no need for it.
    Happy New Years to you too!

  4. What a rotten Christmas present. We're glad things worked out in the end, but sorry you had to go through it.