Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's Lexy!

Sorry I took so long to introduce the two other kitties who live here! I meant to do it ealier in the week, but I got so busy playing and cuddling, and forgot.

I think I will talk about Lexy first.

Lexy is a foster kitty living here with Mommy and me. She has been here a looooooooooooooooooong time! Since mid may!  She is a BIG kitty! Much bigger than me! And Mommy says she looks like a cow!

She has big pretty eyes, and they are always open wide, so she usually looks like she is surprised! And she may look like a cow, but she sure doesn't moo! She has the funniest little meow, it is really just a high-pitched squeak. Mommy wants to make a recording of it cause it makes her laugh a lot.

Lexy can be a pain sometimes, cause she says she is the boss of everyone except Mommy. And since she is so big, when she is acting bossy, it's hard to ignore! Sometime we don't get along, because I am so playful, and always try to get her to play too, and Mommy says she needs to play more to lose some weight, but Lexy doesn't like to play with me EVER, except maybe to chase me around and smack my butt as I pass her.

She likes to play by herself though, with her favorite little meerkat toy, or a twist tie. And Lexy LOVES to be up high where she can see everyone. Especially when the bunnies are out playing, so she can hide from them!
She can get up on top of the kitchen cupboards, and on top of the huge bookshelves, even though she isn't allowed. Now she mostly hides out on top of our kitty tree.


Lexy can be very nice sometimes, and she loves getting attention from Mommy. Lately you can almost always find her on Mommy's bed.

At night, Lexy sleeps beside Mommy, curled in her arms, and I like to sleep either on Mommy's tummy, or between her knees. Samson sleeps at the end of the bed if Lexy doesn't go sleep there later on, or else Samson sleeps under the bed in the box spring. Yes, he sleeps IN the box spring. But more about him later!

Lexy may not be with us much longer. A friend of Mommy's sister, who lives in Toronto wants to adopt Lexy after Christmas! Hurrah! She will be a GREAT Mommy to Lexy, and even though my Mommy will miss Lexy a whole lot, she knows that Lexy will be really happy there. And this way, Lexy won't have to go in a cage to look for a furrever home, cause she HATES being in a cage! So after Christmas, hopefully the nice lady will be able to adopt Lexy, and then we will still hear about her, and see pictures!

I hope you liked hearing about Lexy! Even though she can be bossy, she is very nice, and very pretty, and very very squeaky!

Next time you will learn about Samson! He is still a foster cat, but Mommy says she is going to adopt him too! Maybe I will let him write on here sometime!


  1. We're happy Lexy will have a furever home!! We can't wait to meet Samson next!

  2. Lexy is a beauty! We will her lots and lots of luck with her adoption and new family!