Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello Samson!

And now, the post you have been waiting for...introducing Samson!

Samson is my new brother, at least he will be soon when Mommy talks to Animal Love and finalizes his adoption to her. I am happy, I have my new best buddy to play with furrever!

Samson came to us about 8 weeks ago. Late at night, Mommy's roommate heard meowing in the hallway of the apartment building. She waited for quite awhile, thinking the kitty had just accidentally gotten out of his own apartment, and that his owner would let him in. But he just kept meowing and meowing, and it was after 1am. E figured that maybe his owner was asleep and didn't hear him, so she let him in, and put him in her room with food and water and a litter box, hoping that he would be claimed the next morning.

The next morning, Samson was still here, and insisted on coming out of the room. E put a sign by the elevators, thinking that he would get found soon. But her and Mommy had the sad idea of what had really happened. See, before Mommy moved in, E had already found another poor kitty that had been abandoned in the hallway when its owners moved out and didn't want her anymore. She had put up posters, gone door to door, and done all she could, but no one knew her or who her owners were. Luckily, E's parents love kitties too, and she lives there now, and is named Spooky.

So E and Mommy knew that there was a good chance that was why Samson was in the hallway. And soon we knew why he had been left behind when his owners moved.

Samson wasn't nootered.  And he was spraying EVERYWHERE. It hurt my poor nosey the smell was so strong! After only 3 days of him being here, you could smell his spray from the hallway outside the apartment!

Meanwhile, E had gone to stay with her parents for a few days, so Mommy had been putting up more posters, and knocking on doors and asking everyone she saw. She talked to the building snooperviser, but again, just like with Spooky, no one knew who had left him behind.

So far, Mommy hadn't named Samson, and had just been calling him Handsome. Mommy's friend Meg said that since he was such a wussy, he needed a badarse name, like Samuel L Jackson. So, Mommy combined the names, and that how he got the name Samson L Catson!

He was pretty timid when he first came, and didn't really know how to play, and believe me, I tried to get him to play with me! He also seemed to have some problems jumping, and he still does. He can jump fine, but he always takes a few test hops first before he really jumps. He is more used to the apartment though, so doesn't do it as much.

Well, Samson was spraying everywhere, and it was clear he had been abandoned, so Mommy called Animal Love, and they agreed to accept him as a foster cat, and got him a V-E-T appointment right away to get hin nootered! And boy did he need it!

After he was "fixed" the spraying stopped, and Samson seemed much happier. And I know Mommy and E, and Lexy and I were happy too, since our noses didn't hurt from the nasty smell anymore! 

Unfortunately, soon after he was nootered, Samson got sick. His nose was all stuffy, and he sneezed all the time! Sometimes he couldn't even breathe through his nose it was so stuffed up, and had to breathe through his mouth. Mommy gave him steam treatments, but they weren't really helping, and Samson hated them. Mommy got worried that Lexy and I would get sick too, so Samson got moved to E's room for a few days, and Mommy called Animal Love who got him another appointment at the V-E-T. Sure enough, the V-E-T said he had a really bad cold, and Samson had to take lots of medicine for 2 whole weeks! He had eye drops, and pills, and yucky supplements.

Well, that was quite awhile ago, back in November. But poor Samson has had trouble shaking his cold. He still sneezes sometimes, and for awhile he seemed to be getting worse again, but luckily he seems a bit better now.
Even though he is still a bit sneezey,  he has sure come a long way from the timid scared and abandoned kitty he was when he first came here.

Now, Samson loves to play with me, and we wrestle and chase all the time! Sometimes he bites too hard, and uses his claws too much, but I just let him cause he is still learning how to be a happy kitty like me!


He is no longer timid, except for with Lexy, cause he knows she is in charge, and not to bug her. And he now loves to cuddle with me and Mommy!

Mommy says he looks like a lion mated with a squirrel! He is really soft too, and has a super fluffy tail. Sometimes he steps on it cause its so long and poofy! He chases and plays with it too. Mommy calls him Silly Sam when he does that. He likes to play with strings a lot, and tries to lick Mommy's hair at night even though she hates that.

I hope you liked hearing about Samson! He is now my bestest buddy, and soon to be my brother!


  1. Good news that Sampson has a furever home with you and your family. He is such a mancat and looks right at home. Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. We love stories with a happy ending! Glad you have a new brother to play with and Samson has a home.

    We came by to wish you a Merry Christmas. Looks like you got an early present. :-)

  3. I am finally here to be your brother forever...