Friday, December 18, 2009


Okay, I admit it, I love Samson!
Mommy caught us snuggling on the couch and couldn't find a camera, so she used the webcam.

I know it may LOOK like we are spooning...but we are totally not! I swear! We are both dudes! I love him like a brother...and brothers can cuddle right?

Mommy says that her big Chistmas gift to me and herself is to adopt Samson.
See, Mommy feels bad cause she let the other foster kitty that I LOVED go, and even though she got adopted right away, and got a wonderful home, we were super close. Her name was Moxie, and she was pure black, teeny weeny, and had siamese in her. So she had pretty slanted eyes, and was super slim and cute. She was spayed right before she came here to be fostered, but that didn't stop me!

We well...there may be kittens reading, so I won't be graphic, but we were TOGETHER. And we always cuddled and snuggled, and groomed. I miss her.

Samson may not be Moxie, but he IS a good cuddle buddy. Mommy is just mad she didn't get pictures of what came before those ones! Samson and I were grooming eachother's faces, and then we were wrestling and Samson kept biting me, so I smacked him, and he said sorry and curled up behind me

Just don't go telling people I am a sissy kitty, cause Samson is JUST my adopted brudder. I love him, but in you know, a brother way.

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  1. Brothers can so cuddle! Especially in the cold! Keep each other safe and warm!