Friday, December 25, 2009

Meeting Santa Paws!

Last week, Mommy took us on a special outing. I didn't write about it until now, because Mommy wasn't able to scan the pictures until today.

This is Samson and I when we got to meet Santa Paws!

Mommy put on our collars and leashes, and put Samson in the carrier and carried me. I was being naughty though and exploring things I was not supposed to while Mommy was waiting for her Mom to pick us up though, and so I had to go in the carrier too. It was a little too small, so I was squashed with Samson.

We went on a short car ride, and then went into a store called Petsmart.

Now, I got pretty scared when we went in there. See, before Mommy fostered me, and then adopted me, I was in that very same Petsmart adoption Centre. So when I went in the store, and could smell the same smells, and hear all the people, I got scared that Mommy was mad at me, and was going to give me back!

I know, I know, silly right? I know how much Mommy loves me, and that she would never let me go, but still, I was scared!

We had to wait a little while, cause some cute little Corgy doggy sisters were taking their pictures. 

Then, it was our turn! Mommy and all the nice ladies there tried to get us both in one picture but well.... I was NOT going to sit still! I was too nervous to meet Santa, and scared of the store! Samson was being a very good boy though, and just sat nicely on Santa's lap. Finally, they decided to do our pictures separately, so I got a little break to cuddle Mommy while Samson got his picture taken.

After Mommy's cuddles, I felt a bit better, so I mostly sat still with Santa, and we got a really nice picture .

Now, I don't know if this is crazy, but I don't think that was the real Santa Paws! I think it was really a GIRL dressed up like him! If it was Santa, he sure lost a lot of weight!

Well, after all that excitement, I was happy to just sit in the carrier and cuddle Samson while Mommy waited for the pictures, and bought another cat carrier, so that we wouldn't get squashed next time. Then we got back in the car, and I got to wander around and investigate under the seats until we got home!

I may have been a little bit of a scaredy cat, but it was still an adventure! And I got lots of pets and treats when I got home! And of course, we got the help out the Animal Love Foundation, which is where I come from! A little over half the money from all the pictures goes to help them!

I hope all you kitties and doggies and other animals had a wonderful Chrissymouse!


  1. Man, I won't even go places like that without copious pooping, so I'm spared the people even thinking they can do that. But, ya know, I'm pretty sure that the Santas in Petsmart are really just Santa helpers. You still have to be nice to them because the report to the Big Guy himself...another reason I won't go because you know how bad it would be to poop on Santa's stand-in? Just as bad as pooping on him!

  2. thats grate yoo gotted ta meet Santa Paws. yall luk grate in yur pichures. hope yur Christmas wuz grate.

  3. Great pictures. You two had quite an adventure. Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year.

  4. Yeah, we wait for Santa to come to our house. What a big adventure for you two and your mom. We hope she bought you some treats while you was there.

  5. Sadly, Mommy didn't get us treats while we were there, but she DID get another cat carrier so that we wouldn't be all squished together! I like to sit on top of it.
    We got treats when we got home though!