Monday, December 7, 2009

Introducing Me, Monty Graycat

That's me, mister Monty Graycat. I am an almost 3 year old handsome boy if I do say so myself, and I live the good life now in London Ontario Canada with my Mommy, her roommate, and an apartment full of animals. I didn't always live the good life though.

I don't remember much of my young life, but when I was only a few months old, my sister, another cat, and I were abandoned on a country road near Kitchener. Luckily, a very nice lady found us almost right away, and she took us in to her small farm.

She got us all "Fixed", though personally, I think I was already perfect. We lived in her barn, and caught her mousies, and birdies, and I was a good boy, but sadly she had to sell her farm, she said cause of the  "econommy". I think that sounds like something I would eat!

Anyways, all three of us got taken to the Humane society. I was NOT happy! I was used to having freedom, and hunting, and getting lots of love and play time! There were lots of scared cats there, and some sick ones, and people would come and go all day long. Some people would look in at me and my sister, but they always walked away, I think we looked too miserable.

Then one day, someone came, and said "We'll take these poor guys back with us" and we went on a long car trip to London. My sister and I both went to a nice house that had some other kitties there, and a really nice lady gave me lots of love. She said she loved me, but I was only here for a little while until I got my furrever home. After I was happy again, and not scared or sad, I had to leave her, and go to a different place that had some cages, but not as many as the Humane Society. They said to be brave and look sweet, and maybe I could get a furrever home, and I tried, but after awhile, I was scared and sad again.

That was last March. My mommy had just moved into an apartment, and she was terribly missing her old kitty, Timmy, who had died in September when he was 17 years old. Now that's an OLD kitty!

Mommy saw an ad on some website called kijiji asking for foster homes for Animal Love Foundation. Mommy knew she would LOVE to foster kitties and really wanted to help, and knew she would find her next kitty through them, and could help others on the way. So that march, I came to her!

I was her first foster kitty. Right away, I loved her and she loved me. I was happy to get lots of loving, and a long hallway to run, and LOTS of toys! There was also another kitty, a little one named Hobbes who was orange and very weird, but I liked him. We would always wrestle and chase.

After a few months, Mommy had to tell the Animal Love Foundation that she was keeping me, and there was no way to stop her! Normally, they don't let you adopt your very first foster, since it's so hard to let us cute kitties go, but they trusted her and let me stay! I was so happy, I finally had my furrever home!

Well, that is how I landed in the lap of luxury.
I live in a full apartment though, with me, two foster cats named Lexy and Samson, two bunnies named Lola and Benny, and 5 ratties that I just LOVE to watch run around in their huge cage! Sadly Hobbes went to live with my Mommy's roommate's parents, but I still have lots of fun without him.

I'll write more about them next time, and more about what an awesome guy I am!


  1. Hi, Monty. I am Herman and my story is similar to yours. I was so sad and miserable that no one wanted me. Also, I was neglected in one of my former homes and now I have FeLV and FIV and no one wanted a "sick" cat. I was all alone in one room for six months until my new Mom found out about me and came and adopted me. Now I am happy again. No one would ever know that I have health issues. I hope we can become good friends.


  2. Hi Monty, it sounds like you finally got a great home. We don't have any ratties at our house but we have lots of squirrels and turkeys.

  3. So great to meet you, Monty!! We are so glad to hear you were gotcha'd into such a wonderful home. And we're so glad you have your own blog!! Come over and visit us sometime!

  4. Hi Monty! It's nice to meet you!

  5. Hi ya, Monty! It's great to meet you!! Sounds like you got the purrfect furever home now!! We can't wait to hear more from you!

    Come visit us sometime too!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  6. Monty, it sounds like you've ended up in a great place, after all you've been through. We're sad that you got separated from your sister, though.

    It's nice to meet you, we look forward to getting to know you more!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. Hi Monty - sounds like you shur gotted a wonderful forefur home! we is happy to meet you!

  8. Hi Monty and welcome to our catmunnity! Sounds like you hit the jackpot with a forever home! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  9. Hi Monty! It's nice to meet you! The Mom loves grey kitties, so I think we'll be good furriends. heh heh
    My name is Earl Grey and I have a twin sister named Tazo and a dawg brother named Titus.

  10. Hi there Monty! It's great to meet you! Welcome to cat blogging!

  11. Well hello, Monty. Welcome to our cat blogging community.

    You sure went through a lot to find your forever home, but we're glad you did.

    Stop over and see us some time.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew

  12. Hi Monty! What a good thing dat yoo gots a furever home now. Speedy was borned on a farm, in a barn, too! His mom is still der! Well, we just wanted to welcome yoo to da blogosphere.

  13. Hi there Monty. Wow what a life you've had...or should I say what a coupla lives you've had. WE are all so happy that you have found your forever home, it sounds to me like you helped heal your Mom's broken heart and she helped heal yours. We are very happy to make your acquaintance! Drop in some time and I'll introduce you to all of my fursiblings.

    Abby the Manx

  14. Hi Monty! Nice to meet you and welcome to the catblogosphere.

    My name is Ana aka Anita or Anita "Gatorrista". I live in Canary Islans, Spain, with mom and dad and... the rebel Zar (a new bothersome brother ... grrrr...). I want conquer the world! Muahahahaha! and I´m the boss of "The Feline World Domination Movement", muahahahaha!!!

    I´m 12 and have a chronic renal failure but I think that I am stronger than never! Muahahahahaha!!

    I hope you will visit me always. You are welcome to my blog ;-)


    PS: My english isn´t very good sometimes, sorry.

  15. Welcome Monty,

    It's nice to meet you. I am 3 years old too. let's be friends. Glad you found your loving furever home. Come by and visit me when you can.

  16. Hello Monty. It's nice to meet you. We're glad to hear that you found such a nice forever home. Our names are Tiger, Vash, Sachi and Miko.

  17. How nice to meet you, Monty. You had quite a long road to your forever home. Glad you found it. And now you're blogging. You'll meet lots of other kitties. And doggies and ....

  18. Monty, it's very nice to meet you.