Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bunny Chasing

Tonight I had lots of fun!

Mommy is trying to find a new roommate, because the one who lives here is moving out at the end of this month. So when she got home from working, she was cleaning and cleaning!

The bunny pen was all messy AGAIN, cause Lola the girl bunny, refuses to poop and pee in the litter box, even though her husbun, Benny does. So of course Mommy let the bunnies have their playtime while she cleaned it.

I love bunny time! The other kitties sure don't, they hide from the bunnies, but I like to run with them!

The boy bunny is Benny. His nickname is Super Bunny though, and on his pen, Mommy made a sign that says Super Bunny Headquarters! He is all black with one floppy ear. Mommy got him last spring. When she got him, his name was Bella and she was told he was a girl! Can you believe that! Hahaha!
At first we got along really well, Benny always wants to play with me, and he has always lived with kitties, so he isn't afraid at all. But then, he got a little TOO interested in me, and well...he...this is hard to admit, but he was HUMPING me! ME! A BOY kitty! When Mommy saw him doing that, at first she laughed really hard, and I was just laying there staring at her asking for help! But she DID rescue me, and she flipped Benny on his back and realized that Bella was indeed a BOY bunny!

Well after that Benny got nootered right away so he would leave me alone, but I still don't really trust him. ESPECIALLY if I have my back turned to him. He hasn't tried it once since he was nootered, but still!

Well after that I still played lots with Benny, but he can sure be a pest! He would follow me everywhere, and always want me to lick his nose and ears, and want to cuddle.

Mommy saw that Benny really needed a friend, so she started her long search for the perfect wifey for him. Finally, this Tocktober she saw an ad for a spayed female bunny needing a home. She told the people that she would only adopt her if Benny liked her. Well not even 5 minutes after they met, Benny was in LOVE with her! He was licking her, and rubbing on her, and very happy, so Mommy adopted her!

Her name is Lola, and even though at first she wasn't as lovey dovey as Benny was, they were living in the same cage in less than a week. Mommy says thats amazing, cause some bunnies can take weeks, or even months to bond and live together! Now Lola LOVES Benny, and she has him whipped! I always see them laying with their noses touching, and kissing and licking eachother.

I really like Lola, we play THoE in the hallway, and she likes to throw toys and make noise, just like me! The other night, she picked up one of my favorite toys and was running with it, so I was chasing her! I just LOVE to run and chase! Lola is very pretty, but very messy too.

Tonight we did lots of running, and when I got tired I just lay down and watched them make Mommy crawl around all over trying to get them back in the pen.  Mommy says Lola is naughty, but I think she is funny! She goes under the bookshelves and all the places she is not allowed, and she ate the seam on the couch cushion.

After Mommy finally got the bunnies back in their pen, I had fun playing with E, Mommy's roommate. With Mommy I like to cuddle and get belly rubs and lick her, but with E, I like to play rough, and have her push me around and tickle me and roll me over and throw me up in the air! Some kitties might not like that, but I LOVE it! Whenever E tries to go do something else (What else IS there to do other than play with ME?) I follow her and meow and meow and purr and loud as I can! Then she will usually keep playing with me.

I hope you like the bunnies as much as I do! Time for me to go make Mommy make a lap for me and rub my belly.


  1. Oooooo, we ♥ those bunnies of yours. How sweet - and how messy☺

  2. Benny and Lola are cute as ever!! Love the pic of Lola in the harness!

  3. We're glad Benny finally found another bun to love! And it's so great that you get along with Benny and Lola so well!

  4. Glad the bunnies have found each other. We liked your stories of the bunnies playing with you!