Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Chrissymouse from Monty Graycat!

Merry Chrissymouse everyone!
I hope everykitty had a visit from Santa Paws!
We got to open our stockings on the 21st, which is Yule, because Mommy is Pagan and celebrates Yule. I got all sorts of toys! Lots of soft mousies, and crinkly toys, and crunchy treats! Sadly, Mommy didn't have anything to take pictures with at the time, so we don't have any pictures.

The Bunnies got jingle balls, and crinkly toys. Lola likes to pick up a jingle ball in her mouth, and hop around so that it jingles with each hop. Benny likes to push the crinkle balls with his nose.

The rats got little rawhide bones for each of them, and yogurt treats, and little wreaths Mommy made out of cheerios and raisins and other dried fruit.

Then today, it was finally Chrissymouse!
Mommy and I had our Chrissymouse snuggle together before she got up. It is our very first Chrissymouse together! She gave us all crunchy treats, and played with me for awhile before she got ready to go to her parents. She said that Santa Paws had left our presents over there, so I had to wait patiently ALL day until she came home with them!

Santa Paws was very nice! We got a special Laser Light toy, because the one we play with now belongs to E, Mommy's roommate, and she is leaving soon. I LOVE the laser toy, and this one is even shaped like a blue mousey! We also got some really nice mousey toys, and they smell really good!
Mommy's Great Aunt also gave us a big glass jar of our favorite catnip too! Mommy's Great Aunt Ev grows a whole lot of it in her backyard, and hand picks it all to make catnip toys for the Humane Society! And boy, is it ever potent! Mommy says that whenever she opens it, it hits her like a wave in the face of catnip smell! We all just go crazy for it, even the bunnies!

I hope you all had as wonderful a Chrissymouse as I did! Hug your Mommies and Daddies and all your other family tonight!

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