Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santy Paws is Coming!

It's getting close to Christmas!

Wanna know how I am so sure? Mommy went shopping and got presents for us!

She came home the other night, after she had bought our yummy food, and food for the bunnies and rats, but there was MORE! I heard jingly toys, and Mommy was being all sneaky, and not letting me see. Then she went and got the stockings she made us.

Mine has a big M on it, and a nice green mousie since I love them. The foster cats share one, it has an F on it.

 The bunnies have their own too, with a little bunny face on it.

And even the rats get one!

All of us cats were gathered around while Mommy tried to hide the toys in our stockings without us seeing them. But we did! I saw all sorts of fun little toys, and the bunnies got a bunch too, but I might try and steal some if Lola isn't looking hehe.

The rats got mostly treats, and wreaths made of cheerios and dried fruit, and nuts in the shell, but yesterday Mommy came home from work really excited, and said she got a package!

See, Mommy always takes forever on a ratty forum called Rat Shack, and she was in their Secret Santa this year. Yesterday she got her presents and geez those rats got spoiled! The person who sent the gifts to Mommy was a really nice lady who runs a rat rescue, her name is Chelle. She helps LOTS of poor ratties in Guelph and around there, just like Mommy's other friend, Lindy, but Lindy lives in London where I am.

Inside the card, Mommy got 4 scratch Lotto cards, but she didn't let me help her scratch them at all! No fair! She did win $2 on one card, and $1 on the other, and Mommy says free money is free money!

For the ratties, there were very special hammocks, made just for them by Chelle! Chelle know that Mommy likes Dinosaurs, and it was sort of a joke or something, so Chelle made three Dino print hammocks! One flat hammock, one pocket hammock, and one tube hammock, and there were three more just like them but in a pretty snowman/snowflake pattern! What lucky rats! Lexy is helping to show them off here.

They also got a really nice hanging parrot toy for their cage. They sure love that hanging toy, and were trying to get at it all night. It was fun to watch.

They also got some jingly balls that I wanna steal! Here is one of them in the cage, the rest got hidden and stashed around the cage right away.

Here is me looking at the ratties.Their cage is HUGE! Its taller than Mommy, but Mommy hates when I jump on top of it.

Here are Luna and Asta looking at me from the bottom part of their cage. They have their own BOAT! Lucky ratties. But they aren't as spoiled as me!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I will introduce the rats, and the other foster kitties in another post, but for now, so that you know, the rats are named Cinder, Asta, Luna, Sola, and Dhara.

I just can't wait until I can open my stocking, and eat lots of treats, and get lots of pets and snuggles, and maybe if I'm lucky I will even get to see Santy Paws!


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